'American Idol' and 'X Factor' plan to introduce online voting via Facebook

simon-nigel-face.jpgWinner: Mark Zuckerberg. "Dancing With The Stars," you better start working on the press release.

THR reports that FOX, Simon Cowell and the producers of "The X Factor" are in talks with social networking site Facebook to bring online voting to the show.

Coincidentally, EW is reporting that "American Idol" is also looking to add online voting via Facebook. Sounds like a classic case of sibling rivalry, no?

Sources say "Idol" will soon make the announcement that users will be able to use their Facebook accounts to reach a voting page featuring all the current contestants. Fans will be able to vote 50 times and still be able to vote via text messaging and toll-free phone calls. The online voting would go into effect on Tuesday, March 1.

"X Factor" would be reserving online voting for the final rounds of the show, which is scheduled to launch on FOX in the fall. The show would still implement the traditional phone voting system. An insider says the deal is not finalized and might not be worked out in time for the first season.

After "Idol" executive producer Nigel Lythgoe leaked the plans to introduce a form of online voting earlier this week, the news of "X Factor's" plans to partner with Facebook soon leaked. So the question is, who thought of the idea first?

Facebook has 550 millions uses worldwide so it seems like a no-brainer that the shows would try to utilize the site, we're just wondering why it took "Idol" nine season to think of the idea.

Reps for FOX, Facebook, Cowell and his Syco Television declined to comment.

Photo/Video credit: Getty Images