'American Idol' Hollywood Week eliminee Jessica Furney wanted 'to go down swinging.'

jessica-furney-american-idol.jpgJessica Furney was perhaps the most unforgettable elimination of Tuesday's episode (Feb. 16) of "American Idol." She tells Zap2it exclusively about past and present "Idol" experiences on the morning following her dreaded rejection.

"No, please. I have so much. You have no idea, you have no idea. I know I can do better," Furney pleaded on stage to the judges upon elimination. "You guys have no idea, it sounds pathetic to beg up here but I have it in me. You have no idea what I can do ... I can do this, do not send me home."l

Furney is no stranger to "American Idol" rejection. She auditioned for the show this year for the "fourth or fifth time." After several attempts, she finally got through to Hollywood in season 8 with Janis Joplin's "Cry Baby."

Unfortunately, Furney was cut on the first day of season 8's Hollywood Week. "Last year I went in pretty green, I was pretty new to the whole experience because I hadn't ever made it very far," she explains. "I sang a bunch of old songs, which they didn't like, so I went back this year and sang some modern tunes."

Jessica's fresher approach was to audition in season 9 with the Simon Cowell-penned song "Footprints in the Sand." When asked if the contemporary vibe worked, she says: "It helped me get a lot farther than I did last year."

Did advancing farther in the competition make Furney's elimination harder?

"I was disappointed when I left, but I wouldn't say I was heartbroken, " says Jessica. "You'll get a hundred nos before you'll get one yes. I was raised to fight for what you believe in and to go down swinging, so I wasn't going to walk away without saying what I thought. It just made me a stronger person and who knows what will come out of it."

When asked if she'll audition again, Furney says with a laugh, "I don't think I'll probably go back, but you never know. I didn't think I'd go back last year, but I ended up going back. It's a great opportunity to get your name out there and you have to be persistent."

However, Furney thinks the odds are not in her favor.

"The chances of going through the more times you go back definitely depletes because you're old news by then. Ultimately, I'll have the cards stacked against me next year I feel like. But maybe third time's the charm. Or sixth," she laughs.

Two-time Hollywood Week veteran Jessica does offer some insight about the new judges panel. When asked about Ellen DeGeneres, Furney says the comedienne brings "a completely different dynamic this year. She has more humility for the people who are on the stage than the other judges do. They know where you're coming from, but they're less sympathetic for what you're doing. She really sees you as a person and not just a contestant ... She makes it a lot more fun."

Relive her season 9 audition of "Footprints in the Sand":  

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