'American Idol': Jennifer Lopez reportedly re-signs for huge payday

jennifer-lopez-american-idol-320.jpg"American Idol" judge Jennifer Lopez, the only one of the three from Season 10 who is still up in the air, has reportedly negotiated a major payday to return to the singing competition show for the 11th season, according to The Wrap.

There are reportedly two sources close to the deal that say J.Lo will be doing at least one more year of "American Idol" for a $20 million paycheck. The deal is not signed yet, but the sources say it is finalized. The only thing left to work out is the schedule, as Lopez has a movie filming ("Parker") and a movie coming out ("What to Expect When You're Expecting") in the spring of 2012. And of course, another insider says the deal is nowhere near done. So ... we're back to the "Idol" judges merry-go-round for at least a little while. But Randy and Steven are coming back.

What do you think, "Idol" fans? Did you enjoy Lopez as a judge? Is she worth $20 million? Frankly, we thought she had her moments of really good judging, so if she could toughen up a bit, we're OK with her coming back. What do you think?

Photo/Video credit: FOX