'American Idol': Katie Stevens is 'At Last' in Boston

katie-stevens-american-idol.jpgKatie Stevens was another young 'un who dazzled the "American Idol" judges on Tuesday's premiere. Watch below.

The "Idol" editors did an excellent job of cutting from Katie singing "At Last" to her grandma who suffers from Alzheimers to her singing the same song in front of the judges. It was absolutely gorgeous, maybe our favorite audition of the night. And no, we were not crying when she was singing to her grandma -- it's dusty in here.

The judges agreed that she might have been the best they saw that day. Simon cited the difficulty level of the song and Randy and Kara marveled at her natural talent and young age. And then she calls her grandma and darnit, it gets dusty in here again. Grandmas rule.

If you'd like to see more of Katie, here she is singing "Bubbly." Katie is definitely an early favorite of ours.

Also check out Katie doing "Over the Rainbow" and "Come Home."

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Photo credit: FOX
Video credit: Rickey.org, Katie Stevens