'American Idol': Kris Allen's gambling Twitter gaffe

kris-allen-320-fox.jpgA joke on Twitter by "American Idol" finalist Kris Allen has sparked a flurry of criticism, followed by a flurry of Kris supporters to the rescue.

On the morning of Tuesday, April 20, Kris Allen tweeted the following: Gambling at it's finest. http://twitvid.com/27QXF." The link shows a woman in a wheelchair going bonkers on a slot machine.

Here are some sample tweets in response:

Nattypically: @krisallen Never film D physically disabled doing anything 2B interpreted as funny. It will always paint 1 in a less than favourable light.

316pisces: @krisallen dude, just lost any respect I had for you js

CJBLFN: But I am very close to unfollowing @krisallen there is no excuse for picking on others. No matter what. Leave the bullying in the playgr...:

JeanineDayLewis: @tweeterontherun yeah....not cool at all. @krisallen and friend, that was NOT funny. Just wrong.

Ruby_fruit: @KrisAllen Dude. Your mama is so disappointed right now and she doesn't even know why.

Kris Allen's follow-up tweets were "Sorry if I offended anyone. The video had nothing to do with the fact that she was in a wheelchair but [cont.] The fact that she was punching the button hard and fast. I'm sorry again."

Which in turn spurred the Kris Allen fans to jump to his defense with tweets about how he's a good guy and has a good sense of humor, though we did see one that blamed the Adam Lambert fans for hating on Kris. What do you guys think?

Oh, Twitter. Getting celebrities in trouble since 2007.

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