'American Idol' Top 12 results: Karen Rodriguez, Haley Reinhart, Naima Adedapo - who went home?

american-idol-top-12-results.jpg"American Idol" sent home another finalist Thursday night (March 17). After a Bottom 3 of Naima Adedapo, Karen Rodriguez and Haley Reinhart, Karen ultimately did not have the luck o' the Irish. But how did we get there?

Ryan kicks things off with a PSA about texting "redcross" to 90999 to donate $10 to the relief effort in Japan. Um, J.Lo is dressed like she's Amish and Steven Tyler counterbalances that by being dressed like Liza Minnelli. Do you suppose they are having a competition for who can dress more crazypants every week? Poor Randy, he gets left out of everything.

But before any results, we have to have the group sing on a "Born" mashup.. Scotty, Paul and James actually sound pretty good on "Born to be Wild." Then Naima, Lauren and Karen take on "Born This Way" and that's alright too. This is actually a pretty great mashup, right? And they seem to be singing live (based on some mic problems), which is cool. And the hand in the air! Bueno.

The Ford Music Video is set to "Val Kilmer" by Bowling for Soup. The Idols are at a drive in watching a movie where Stefano and Haley are boyfriend/girlfriend and Karen is the wingwoman. Then at the drive in, those three are alone in a car. Oh, we pick up the subtext. Woo woo.

There's a montage of things we didn't know about the Idols. It's kinda boring, but Scotty's attempt at a British accent is hysterical. Seriously, he is a baby. He is a fetus about the whole wide world, plus he can wiggle his ears. And he must do Elvis sometime. 

Results time. There's a weird "Luck of the Irish" moment where for a second I think no one is going home, but that is not the case. Jacob, Casey and Lauren are brought down and I'll eat my hat if any of them are in the bottom 3. And then they are all safe. Yeah.

Next are Haley and Paul. Hmm. Haley for sure is B3, but Paul is iffy. Probably not, though. After toying with them a little, Seacrest puts Haley in the B3. Haley is really channeling her Haley Scarnato tonight with those short-shorts. Goodness.

J.Lo's friend "Pitbull" is there with her hubby Marc Anthony. Um, OK.

Now we have Lee DeWyze with "Beautiful Like You." I love that awkward little fella, gotta say. He's super sweet in person, so humble and sincere. Not in love with his song at the start, but it gets better. What did you think, Lee fans?

Results time. Ryan brings Scotty, Pia and James. Another group where everyone is safe, it has to be. In talking about Scotty's song, Ryan name-drops for Randy. His "friend" Travis Tritt. Is this becoming like a thing? Like they read the internet and pretty soon it'll be things like, "I knew Sinatra, he was my dawg in Vegas" or "Me and Jesus, we were tight." Because that would be kind of awesome. Anyway, yes, all three of them are safe.

Next up are Stefano and Naima. Since Stefano is a cute boy (and got major props from the judges), he is surely safe. Also, he did do better than Naima, but I still adore whatever it is that Naima comes out and does every week.

So that leaves Thia and Karen for the last spot. I think probably Karen, though I don't think either of them is in danger of going home. Thia is rocking some Pocahontas hair, should've busted that out last night. And then Karen is B3. Yep.

Our "Idol" pundits predicted the B3 almost across the board, save one random vote for Thia. Now it's just a question of which girl it is.

But first! Black Eyed Peas with "Just Can't Get Enough." Fergie has her Marilyn going on - except without the face and with crazy enormous boobs in that dress. The song is - fairly weird and inane, so it's right in line with their music.

Back to the Bottom 3 - Karen, Naima and Haley. Naima is sent back to safety and - woooooo! Yay. She's crazy and I can't wait to see what she does every week. And then - Karen is the lowest vote-getter. Whoa, did not see that coming. Thought Haley was dunzo.

So it's way too early for the save, but darn if Karen's "Hero" wasn't even better than the first time. Way to pull it out, sweetie. The judges do look legitimately conflicted, especially J.Lo, but I don't think they'll save her.

They don't, but Randy makes sure to say it's not unanimous. Aww, that kinda sucks more. You can hear the judges say wonderful things to her afterwards, so that's nice. Bummer about Karen.

What do you think, "Idol" fans? Did the right person go home?
Photo/Video credit: FOX