'American Idol's' Kimberley Locke on 'Strobelight,' partnering with Randy Jackson

kimberley-locke-strobe-light.jpg"American Idol" finalist Kimberley Locke's new single "Strobelight" drops Tuesday, April 6. She tells Zap2it about working on her first release in several years and what it's like to partner with judge Randy Jackson outside of "Idol."

Let's talk about "Strobelight." It's got a great disco sound.
Kimberley: That's exactly what we're going for! When Randy and I first started talking about the project, he asked me who my fans were and I said I have dance records, so he said it seems like a no-brainer to do that. It's exciting for me to come out of the gate with a dance song. "8th World Wonder," "Band of Gold" were both remixed as dance songs but "Strobelight" is straight out of the gate as a dance song, no remix. So anything we do to it is just going to make it better.

Is there an album in the works? Or just a series of singles?
My partnership with Randy is based around singles. There will be a new single every six to eight months. Depending on how things are going, then we'll say okay let's do an album or not do an album because the music industry is changing so much and everybody is saying that people aren't buying full records. People go to iTunes and download the single they want. Randy's philosophy is instead of putting 5 or 6 hits on a record and then 4 or 5 songs that are space fillers, why not give them a hit every time? If the singles are going well then absolutely we'll do a full album.

Are you in touch with any Idols?
I speak to Ruben pretty regularly. He's about the only one. Every now and then I'm in touch with Kimberly Caldwell because I see her out and about. [American Idol] is kinda like high school. You go to school with people and then one day you look up and you're in a whole new world and you're disconnected from everybody. Once that journey ends, we're all hustling to get our careers going and take advantage of the moments we have.

And what's next for you, looking ahead?
There have been blurbs of looking down the road, but not any full discussion. The single comes out [April 6] and there's a whole method to the madness of promoting a single. We'll be promoting for the next six months to a year and somewhere in between there we will start working on the next single. So right now there's nothing solid other than the fact that we are going into this project full throttle. We've got a whole team of people that are working on this record.

Kimberley also wants us to give a shout-out to her charity, Camp Heartland. She is doing a charity event for them in Nashville on June 17 and you can bid to have dinner with Kimberley. More information is available on her website.

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You can also go to iTunes to download her new hit single "Strobelight" and check out a sneak peek listen right here.

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