'American Psycho' remake from Lionsgate

Christian Bale.jpgIt's happening. According to Variety, Lionsgate is remaking "American Psycho." We can hear your collective groan from here. Another remake? "American Psycho" is only 11 years old! What is Hollywood thinking? Christian Bale did such an amazing job in a role that put him on the map. Do we really need another one? And why in the world are they doing it?

We're going to go ahead and assume that with all the buzz around the Occupy Movement movement, it feels like a good fit. Crazy yuppie Patrick Bateman is a criminal who keeps getting away with murder. Sound familiar?

No word yet on who will attempt to erase Bale's stunning performance from our minds, but we do have some other information. Lionsgate has tapped Noble Jones (who worked as a second unit director on "The Social Network") to write and direct the piece. We also know that it will take place in modern day New York City. We wonder if they'll find a way to work in the Occupy Movement.

So, are you guys sick of remakes? Which ones are the worst offenders. Let us know below.

Photo/Video credit: Getty Images