'America's Got Talent' Season 8 finals: Cami Bradley and Kenichi Ebina have our votes

kenichi-ebina-americas-got-talent.jpgFor the finals of "America's Got Talent" Season 8, the show did an interesting thing -- the Top 6 acts each re-performed a piece from earlier in the season, then they did a new original performance.

This first round of retreads certainly favored certain types of acts. As Howie Mandel points out, Forte got to add a choir and some strings, while Jimmy Rose just kind of did his performance again. And Collins Key was charged with repeating a trick, while Taylor Williamson was at a HUGE disadvantage by having to perform the same jokes.

However, Williamson was rather delightful in the twist he put on his act, while Kenichi Ebina re-performed a routine but added a lot of pizzazz. Cami Bradley performed "Believe" again, but it was still beautiful. We definitely think the first round ended up serving Williamson, Collins Key and Ebina moreso than it did the singing acts, which was unusual.

When we finally got down to new performances, we would rank the acts thusly:

1. Cami Bradley -- We're as surprised as you that she's tops with us, but her "I Wanna Hold Your Hand" was awesome. It not only sounded completely original, but she has really grown as an artist throughout this show.

2. Kenichi Ebina -- He was good, but this was not our favorite routine of his. We still think he's one of the top acts left on the show, though.

3. Collins Key -- His act involved a YouTube video he posted yesterday, which is awesome. It was a good trick and didn't lag or get confusing like he has in the past.

4. Forte -- These guys are terrific singers, but they do the same thing every week. They stand there and belt something out with a lot of unison singing. We don't see them as the winners.

5. Taylor Williamson -- He got a few chuckles out of us, but he's not the strongest act left either.

6. Jimmy Rose -- Sorry guy. If you're going to sing Garth, you gotta bring it. He is just not that strong of a singer.

Who do you think will take home the prize tomorrow night?
Photo/Video credit: NBC