'America's Next Top Model's' Tyra Banks sneak peeks her REAL hair

Tyra Banks will be kicking off the new season of "The Tyra Banks Show" by allowing her hair to been seen in its God-given state for what she has dubbed "National Real Hair Day."

Making it more of an event, Tyra took to Twitter and Twitpic on Tuesday (Aug. 25) to give fans a sneak peek.

"Here's me rockin my REAL hair, had 2 blur it so its still a surprise on Sept 8! Who else is sportin their real hair that day?"

Tyra_real_hair.jpgSo, yeah, really all that can be seen in the photo is that Tyra does indeed possess a fivehead.

We're not sure what the rules of National Real Hair Day are exactly. What if you color your hair? Or get it professionally curled or straightened? Does that mean no blow-drying or shampooing is allowed? And since her show is pretaped, will she really be sporting her real hair on Sept. 8 as well? And what about her audience? Are they going to be early celebrants as well to keep her company?

Find out on Tuesday, Sept. 8 when the new season premieres.

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'America's Next Top Model's' Tyra Banks ditches her slave hair