Apple yanks photo-sharing app 500px from store over nude pictures

tim-cook-apple-yanks-nude-photo-app-gi.jpgApple has always been very careful about what can be downloaded from their app store, having very specific rules about nudity and pornography.

The company does not allow sexually explicit content in their apps, which led to them pulling one from the store Tuesday. Macgasm reports that the app in question, 500px, allows users to upload and share photos.

The app's creator claims that while it is possible to view nude photos, you have to first go to the website on your computer and turn off a "safe search" feature. Additionally, the nude photos in question are "artistic," and not pornographic.

A modified version of the 500px app has already been created and submitted to Apple for review.

This isn't the first time Apple's stance against porn has made headlines on the internet. In 2010, a writer for Gawker got into a long email exchange with the late Steve Jobs about issues with iPhone and iPad, that devolved into an argument about online porn.
Photo/Video credit: Getty Images