'Arrow' GIFs explain why fans need 'The Flash' ASAP

The prospective "Arrow" spinoff, "The Flash," will not be on TV until next fall at the earliest. It's a long time to wait, but hopefully there will be a great new show at the end. In the meantime, these GIFs explain why fans need Barry Allen ( Grant Gustin) and a "Flash" television program.

1. Watching Barry diagnose and cure crazy ailments would be fun ...

1-arrow-flash-spinoff-gifs-cw-doctor.gif2. Especially if he does it with rat poison.

2-arrow-flash-spinoff-gifs-cw-rat-poison.gif3. Beating up Barry is very entertaining. His enemies will do this well.

3-arrow-flash-spinoff-gifs-cw-beating-up.gif4. Barry has pretty eyes that reflect explosions well. Also, what's up with that explosion?

4-arrow-flash-spinoff-gifs-cw-explosion.gif5. If "The Flash" doesn't work out, Barry will have to come back to "Arrow." Then Oliver will have too much competition for Felicity. That would be bad.

5-arrow-flash-spinoff-gifs-cw-competition.gif6. We can easily relate to a guy who gets caught in the rain. That makes Barry a friendly face on TV.

6-arrow-flash-spinoff-gifs-cw-rain.gif7. Barry gives great gifts. Wouldn't "The Flash" be the best present ever?

7-arrow-flash-spinoff-gifs-cw-presents.gif8. There's a whole, detailed back-story in Barry's life. What's in it? Only a series can explain.

8-arrow-flash-spinoff-gifs-cw-backstory.gif9. Smiles are important to our mental health.

9-arrow-flash-spinoff-gifs-cw-smile.gif10. What happens next after Barry gets struck by lightning? That is something we definitely need to know.

10-arrow-flash-spinoff-gifs-cw-lightning-1.gif10-arrow-flash-spinoff-gifs-cw-lightning-2.gifSo, it seems pretty obvious, does it not? "The Flash" needs to get made. What do you think?
Photo/Video credit: The CW