'Arrow' Season 2: Slade Wilson, prison, bank robberies and more in an extended promo

Post by Arrow.

"Arrow" Season 2 has a lot of dark excitement in upcoming episodes, according to a new extended promo. While a voiceover threatens ruin and nowhere to hide, short clips posted to Facebook focus on destruction, crime and more.

Highlights of the Facebook video include Oliver in what looks like a prison -- possibly Dr. Ivo's medical-horror ship -- a newly tough Oliver shooting a flaming arrow on the island, Slade Wilson in what might be the Queen mansion, Diggle robbing a bank, a super awkward Lance family dinner, Felicity facing what may just be an overwhelming computer challenge and more than one Deathstroke image.

The whole thing ends with the creepiest line of all: "The dead are owed nothing."

It may not be a cheerful second half of "Arrow" Season 2, but it does look exciting! "Arrow" airs Wednesdays at 8 p.m. on The CW.

Photo/Video credit: The CW