'Arrow' vs. 'Agent Carter' pits DC vs. Marvel and husband vs. wife producers

ABC is developing the comic book-based drama, "Agent Carter," to add to the Marvel television offerings. DC Comics, meanwhile, has "Arrow" as its flagship show on The CW. But it's not just two comics giants against each other -- Marvel vs. DC could bring strife to producers Tara Butters ("Agent Carter") and Marc Guggenheim ("Arrow").

That's because Butters and Guggenheim are married.

The Hollywood Reporter asked the two producers if they would be OK as rivals in the growing world of comic book-based television.

Fortunately, the couple of nine years isn't too worried about this issue.

Would they watch each other's shows?

Guggenheim: "As a fan, I want all of the Marvel TV projects to be successful. I am a comic book fan. I remember the dark days when, thanks to 1966's 'Batman' with Adam West, comics were considered the ugly stepchild of popular culture. Plus, let's be honest: I get 50 percent of everything Tara makes, so I want her to do well!"

Butters: "I watch 'Arrow' as a fan. I put our daughters [ages 6 and 8] to bed between 8 and 9 p.m., so I usually watch it the next day."

Guggenheim: "Even my wife time-shifts my show!"

What would happen if "Agent Carter" and "Arrow" were time-slot rivals?

Guggenheim: "We would have to question whether ABC really wants our marriage to survive! My biggest problem is: Will I be able to rein in my instinct to trash-talk?"

Butters: "All I can control is the quality of the show and hopefully make it a good hour of television."

Which character would win in a fight?

Guggenheim: "I'm biased but I don't see how Arrow doesn't kick Agent Carter's a**! He has five years of training in the worst places imaginable. I don't think that's a really fair fight. Maybe if Agent Carter was wearing Iron Man armor or something it might be a fair fight."

Butters: "She's such a different character. She's a spy!"

"Arrow" airs Wednesdays at 8 p.m. on The CW. "Agent Carter" will potentially air on ABC in the 2014-2015 TV season.

Photo/Video credit: The CW