'Bachelor's' Michelle Money on 'Ellen': 'There's a little bit of crazy in me'

michelle-money-ellen-degeneres.jpg"The Bachelor's" latest eliminee Michelle Money stops by "The Ellen DeGeneres Show" Wednesday (Feb. 16) to talk about her experience, who she thinks Brad picks and that she really is a little crazy.

On who Michelle thinks Brad picks:

Ellen: It seemed like you did have chemistry [with Brad] and it seemed like he did like you. But then what happened?
Michelle: I think at the end of the day, I'm not Brad's type. I think it was in Anguilla when you could kind of tell his heart was with someone else.
Ellen: Who? Who do you think it's with?
Michelle: Emily.
Ellen: I do too. At the beginning I kind of picked her but it seemed too obvious.
Michelle: Well, they're like Ken and Barbie. They look like they should be together.

On Michelle's shocking exit:

Michelle: Brad and I did get to have a conversation.
Ellen: You did?
Michelle: Yeah. It was a good conversation. I got my closure. We said really great things to each other.
Ellen: On camera?
Michelle: Yes.
Ellen: So they just didn't air that?
Michelle: They just forgot.
Ellen: You said what things? He just said not the right relationship?
Michelle: Well, yeah. I just wished him the best. Obviously at the end of the day, I did want a rose and I did want to be there but he just wasn't that into me. What else can I say? I wished him the very best. I think the world of him. Brad is an amazing man. I just said anyone here is lucky to be with you and I wish you all the best. And he said the same thing.
Ellen: You said all that and we didn't see any of it?
Michelle: Yeah.

( Editor's note: That isn't exactly what host Chris Harrison says happened when she left.)

On Ellen thinking Michelle was "crazy":

Ellen: I like that about you, that you're straight up. But you seemed a little crazy.
Michelle: I will say, any time there's creepy music playing, anyone is going to look crazy.
Ellen: No. The crazy music gives us an indication. Here it comes. Crazy.
Michelle: That's the truth. There's a little bit of crazy in me.
Ellen: There's crazy in you, admit it.
Michelle: Absolutely.

Photo/Video credit: Michael Rozman/Warner Bros.