'Being Human': Dichen Lachman vamps out with Sam Witwer

Dichen-Lachman-and-Sam-Witwer-Being-Human.jpg"Dollhouse" alum Dichen Lachman is about to start her string of appearances on "Being Human," playing a vampire with a link to Aidan (Sam Witwer) and a very bloody history. Dichen had a lot to say about the role during our conference call. She also chatted about what her character Suran's appearance will mean for Aidan.

Suran has a history with Aidan. We won't spoil how they find each other again, but it's pretty dramatic. Suran is quite a character. "I had a lot of fun having the opportunity to play her," Lachman says. "I mean, as an actor obviously, playing a vampire is one of the things sort of on the list. And she's incredibly complex, very damaged and reckless in many ways. But at the same time, she's sort of striving to grow up and mature and be the woman that her mother would like her to be."

"It's one of those love-hate relationships," she continues. "The have a long history together and she's obviously been in the ground for 80 years. So minus that. I mean, there's sort of (bid) in Boston together and going further back, he knows. I mean, they've just had a very complicated past and I don't think their relationship has ever been consummated. I think it's just this very strong attraction they've had ...  I think you'll enjoy watching their relationship play out in the present day as well as the past because there's these opportunities in the show to flash back which is why the show's so great."

She says that the contact lenses and opening her mouth just right to show the CGI fangs were the biggest challenges she had to face on set, but explains that co-star Sam Witwer really helped her through it all.

She talks about her character's relationship with her mother, who is running the vampire show at the moment. "Well, I mean Suren's relationship with her mother is very complicated. She's always let her mother down and anything she did was never good enough. And it's sort of like, it's one of those relationships which is very strained and there's a lot of love there and there's a lot of hate there, and resentment and disappointment ... She can never do the right thing by her mother and so sometimes she just doesn't even try. And then other times, she's tries and then she fails."

A new episode of "Being Human" airs tonight (Jan.23) on Syfy.

Photo/Video credit: NBC Universal