Ben Affleck as Batman: Fun Internet responses

ben-affleck-batman-fun-reactions-matt-damon-robin-tumblr.jpgEarlier this week, Batman fans -- and pretty much the entire Internet -- exploded with the news that Ben Affleck had been cast in the role of Batman for the upcoming "Man of Steel" sequel. The dust has now settled a bit, so it's time to take a look at some of the most fun responses to Affleck's casting.

Just a warning: Some of the responses are a bit NSFW.


tumblr_ms396xfN9a1rz1p6so1_250.gifOne of the reasons for the strong reactions may have been that no one was expecting Affleck in the role of Batman. Was the actor one of them?

Batman and Robin?

batman-ben-affleck-matt-damon-robin-gif.gifMany people still can't think of Ben Affleck without next thinking of Matt Damon. This GIF proves it.

But ...

A reaction from Matt Damon

tumblr_ms2xx32pBd1szbeo0o1_500.jpgNo, this is not an official statement. But it certainly rings of truth.

Taiwanese animation on Ben Affleck's casting

You wouldn't expect the Taiwanese animation studio, NMA, to not react to the Batman news.


ben-affleck-batman-aflac-duck-mach-yeager.jpgSome people thought of the Aflac duck when they heard the news.

Johnny Depp comforts a child

tumblr_ms34f5KeF81rxueqqo1_500.jpgThis would be from the film, "Finding Neverland." What it has to do with Ben Affleck is anyone's guess. But it's awfully cute and has Johnny Depp comforting a sweet little boy, so who cares?

Superman's response

tumblr_ms3ayjD2zC1s1yo7ro1_250.gifObviously, many people weren't happy that Affleck was cast as Batman. This GIF indicates that Henry Cavill is one of them

Pie chart of Batman

Why is there such hate? This pie chart has some explanations.

tumblr_ms1n3ekooG1sxhd15o1_500.jpgRemember those Oscars ...?

ben-affleck-argo-daredevil-batman-comic-dorkly.jpgIn their responses to the news, many Internet users cited "Gigli" and "Daredevil" as reasons to hate Ben Affleck. Recent Oscar wins and an intense love of "Argo" were forgotten.

Affleck and Damon get their revenge

jay-and-silent-bob-strike-back-ben-affleck-batman.gifThanks to "Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back," Ben Affleck and Matt Damon have a response to the haters.

Authority ...

tumblr_ms1y6nEnuB1r47vodo1_500.jpgEven "God" (the Twitter version anyway) had an opinion on the Batman situation.

... and George Clooney

tumblr_ms1ya83Zy51r0o0y2o1_500.jpgUnlike the rest of us, George Clooney might actually have something constructive to add to the conversation.

Hitler reacts to Ben Affleck as Batman

This is, as "Hitler reacts" videos often are, an excellent and funny criticism of the casting decision. Interestingly, this is a particularly wordy and Nolan-directed critique. Ben Affleck manages to avoid most of the Hitler screams as a result.


It is probably most fitting to end with a blast from the past: the " Mallrats" reaction (Warning: NSFW).


Photo/Video credit: Internet Fair Use, Mach Yeager