Ben Affleck visited Lindsay Lohan while she was in rehab


Though reports say that Lindsay Lohan isn't up for a role in Ben Affleck's new movie "Live by Night," a new story came out that claims the director at least met with LiLo while she was in rehab.

Radar Online spoke to a former patient of Cliffside Malibu who was at the rehabilitation center when Lohan was. That patient says, "Ben came to visit Lindsay while she was at Cliffside to talk about the possibility of a role in his movie. Lindsay was excited about the opportunity, telling me that she was going to have dark hair in the movie and would have an Irish accent."

Lohan's potential involvement in "Live by Night" was reported when she got out of rehab at the end of July, but was quickly shut down by Us Weekly. It doesn't seem like the role will actually pan out, but thus far no one has denied that Affleck visited Cliffside.

The Radar Online insider says Affleck and his assistant came to visit Lohan at the end of June and "stayed for about an hour." "A former substance abuser himself, Lindsay said he was there to check on her and see how she was doing," the source says.

Meanwhile, it still seems to be the case that Lohan isn't actually up for the role that Affleck reportedly was talking about. "First off, no one has been cast. [Lohan] will not be cast in any role in the movie. She is not being considered for any role in the movie. She won't be in the movie," a source told Us Weekly at the end of July.

Photo/Video credit: Getty Images