Bethenny Frankel rips reporters on 'Today'; 'They want something to be wrong,' she says

bethenny-frankel-getty-images.jpgShe's mad as hell and she's not going to take it any more.

An agitated Real Housewife Bethenny Frankel went on " Today" on Tuesday (Oct. 18) to talk about her recent Skinnygirl controversy and to address rumors the upcoming "lost at sea" episode " Bethenny Ever After" was staged. But her main target was journalists.

"There are certain people and certain bloggers...they want something to be wrong. They want it to be that I lie or cheat or I must have done if I can have this success," Frankel tells Matt Lauer.  

Frankel is no doubt referring to a recent Huffington Post article that said Frankel sold Skinnygirl beverages to Beam Global for $8.1 million rather than previous estimates of $120 million. The HuffPo later issued a correction saying they misread Beam Global's 10-Q.

Frankel then chose to set the record straight about a boating expedition gone awry, refuting stories that it was staged for TV.

"My sound guy doesn't know how to swim," she says. "They lost a lot of the tapes because of salt damage...The towboat man who accused me of lying has been put on a gag order because what he's effectively saying is that we called the Coast Guard. It's like calling 911 without an emergency. I'd be in jail probably."

Then Frankel trashed reporters again.

"I don't care about who's writing garbage," she says. "I think that we're in world now where people believe the last thing they've seen on a computer and other people pick up these cancers."

Here's the video...

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Photo/Video credit: Getty, NBC