Betsy Andreu still furious at Lance Armstrong: 'You dropped the ball'

Betsy Andreu watched Lance Armstrong's admission of guilt to Oprah Winfrey, but she doesn't think the shamed former cyclist went far enough. As the wife of Frankie Andreu, Betsy had played a major role in the USADA's investigation of Armstrong after she heard him tell a doctor all of the drugs he was taking.

In 2006, Betsy and Frankie Andreu testified against Armstrong by saying he had told cancer doctors in 1996 that he had used EPO, growth hormones and steroids during his career in cycling. Armstrong ended up coming out the victor in that case and denounced the Andreus, but now that he's admitted that he lied, Betsy expected an apology. Well, she didn't get one.

"He owed it to me. You owed it me to Lance, and you dropped the ball," she tells Anderson Cooper. "After what you've done to me, after what you've done to my family, and you couldn't own up to it. And now we're supposed to believe you? You have one chance at the truth, this is it. If he's not going to tell the truth, if he can't say, 'Yes the hospital room happened,' then how are we to believe everything else he's saying?"

She continues, "If the hospital room didn't happen, just say it didn't happen, but he won't do it, because it did happen. If this is his way of saying, 'I just don't want to go there, okay we'll give it to her,' that's not good enough. That is not being transparent. That is not being completely honest. That's skirting the issue. I want to believe that Lance wants to come clean, but this is giving me an indication that I can't."

The closest Armstrong came to apologizing to Betsy was saying that he didn't call her "fat," which is as shallow a response as they come. When Anderson brought that up to her, Betsy came close to tears in what looked like frustration.

"He shouldn't have done Oprah. He shouldn't have gone on here. This is going to be a long process for him, but he's approaching it the wrong way. That exchange right there, it has me furious," she says. "This is a guy who used to be my friend who decimated me. He could have come clean. He owed it to me. He owes it to the sport that he destroyed. When he says he doesn't like the [International Cycling Union], that's a bunch of crap."

Do you think Armstrong owed the Andreus an apology?

Photo/Video credit: YouTube/Getty Images