'Better Off Ted' returns with more insensitivity and malice than ever before

jayharrington.jpgThe second -- well, technically, third -- installment of "Scrubs": The New Class airs Tuesday (Dec. 8) but don't touch that dial when the credits begin to roll, because "Better Off Ted" is back.

Now, if you haven't yet seen the series or can't remember it, let me give you a simple catch up: Ted (Jay Harrington) is a good guy, a single dad who works for an insane corporation, run by a lunatic named Veronica (Portia de Rossi).

The corporation -- Veridian Dynamics -- is simply trying to make the world a better place by bringing brilliant new ideas to life. And, being as unselfish as they are, they're more than willing to use their own staff as guinea pigs.

For example, last year they froze poor Lem (Malcolm Barrett). Why? I can't recall the purpose, actually. Does it matter? They froze the dude!

In this week's premiere, they'll attempt to match-make all of their employees based on genetic capability. So they can save on health insurance bills from imperfectly bred children, of course. Naturally.

It's a hysterical half hour, actually, and a nice lead-out for "Scrubs." So, again, yes, give it a shot.

But first, spend some quality time with stars Jonathan Slavin, Malcolm Barrett and Portia de Rossi. We dropped by the set recently, cornered them and forced them to talk about their characters this season.

Apparently, Lem's making love to a woman, Phil's getting animated into a lemur and Veronica's having the sex. With Mordor the magician (Mark Deklin) and maybe Ted too. We say maybe, because Portia can't quite remember.

You'll see...

"Better Off Ted" airs Tuesdays at 9:30 p.m. on ABC

Will you watch?

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