Beyonce and Jay-Z get booed on Met Costume Gala red carpet

Wow, this must have been a whole new experience for the power couple.

and Jay-Z attended the 2011 Metropolitan Institute of Costume Gala on Monday, May 2. They were also booed at the Metropolitan Institute of Costume Gala. Yes, you read that right: Beyonce and Jay-Z were getting booed on the red carpet.

New York Fashion Magazine's fashion blog The Cut was live-tweeting the red carpet and tweeted about said booing. "OMG Beyonce and Jay-Z are being BOOED at the #MetGala for not posing for pictures! Yes, boo!"

Beyonce wore an extremely form-fitting Pucci gown, which helped us to learn that Beyonce doesn't try walking in stairs while choosing red carpet gowns. "Beyonce's Pucci dress was so tight she could barely walk up the stairs as she failed to stop for the photographers," The Cut tweeted.

Someone decided to record the couple being booed and Beyonce's stair-difficulty. If it sounds like your idea of a good time, watch here.
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