'Big Bang Theory's' Melissa Rauch says accidental faux-masturbation on set horrified her mother

"The Big Bang Theory"
star Melissa Rauch stopped by "Conan" Wednesday night (Sept. 25), where she talked about an accidental masturbation scene she had on the show.

"It's been going great so far. The first episode of the season, I had a little incident. ... I had it as my character. We were shooting a scene and I'm supposed to be in a hotel bed. ... I'm under the covers and it's really cold on set and I'm under there and out of habit I'm doing this under the covers [ mimes rubbing her hands together in her lap] and after the scene was over, our director came over and said, 'We need to see your hands, it looked like you were having way too much fun.'"

Rauch also says that when she relayed this story to her mother, her mother kind of freaked out -- "People have been fired for doing that in movie theaters!"

Below, she talks about how she loved stand-up comedy as a kid, but she didn't understand a lot of what she was repeating.

"I was obsessed with comedy at a super young age. Any time I had the chance to perform, I would try to do a tight 10 somewhere. So, like, Show and Tell. ... But mostly I would watch sets of Whoopi Goldberg and do things that were wildly inappropriate that I didn't understand. ... My teacher would call my mom and be like, 'Your daughter has to stop pointing at her crotch and inviting people to it.'"

"The Big Bang Theory" returns Thursday, Sept. 26 at 8 p.m. ET/PT on CBS.

Photo/Video credit: TBS