'Big Brother 12's' Britney's house burns, fiancee saves dogs

britney-nick-bb-12.jpg"Big Brother 12" contestant Britney Haynes has been away from her family and friends for three months while on the show, completely cut off from any outside information. And her sequester is going to last just a bit longer, even in the wake of a fire.

Haynes' house that she shares with her fiancee Nick Grisham was severely burned Wednesday morning (Sept. 15), just hours before Haynes will appear on the live finale of "Big Brother," reports the Arkansas Democrat-Gazette. Grisham informed "Big Brother" production about the fire, but they all agreed she doesn't need to know before the finale.

"He told them what happened and they agreed they wouldn't say anything to Britney," Nick's mother Laura tells the Democrat-Gazette. "She can't do anything. The final show is tonight and it's live. There's no sense in her knowing."

Laura also tells the paper that her son, who is flying to Los Angeles Wednesday for the finale, is worried Britney will be mad at him. "He hasn't seen her in three months and he's afraid she's going to be mad," says Grisham. "I said 'you don't understand son, you are lucky to be alive, especially after going back in two more times to get the dogs out.'"

The couple has two dogs together and both are fine, as are some possessions that could be salvaged. The preliminary damage is estimated at $50,000.

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Photo credit: CBS