'Big Brother 14': Dan continues to step it up

dan-big-brother-14.jpgOn the latest "Big Brother 14" episode, Dan finally starts winning things. Also, now is a great time to get the live feeds. Since Thursday is a live double eviction, there will almost surely be an endurance comp that starts as the episode ends, but you can watch on the feeds. Plus, as we get closer to the finale, there will be the final Head of Household rounds that take place on the feeds.

Post Nominations

Jenn is really nervous, which is kind of insane. Sure, it sucks to be nominated, but c'mon. This is like the week she got so mad about being the replacement nominee -- all you gotta do is lay low, girl. People want Frank out. Just calm down. At least hide your freaking out, instead of going bat-crap crazy like two weeks ago.

Dan has Frank completely wrapped up in their Final 2 deal, which is hilarious. Dan has no intention of honoring any of it, of course. And then! To top it all off, Frank comes to Dan and says that his winning might not be the best case scenario, so he might throw it so that Dan can use it on Jenn. Oh my goodness. Um, if you're on the block, I don't think you ever throw POV. Even in the situation with the Quack Pack where they were trying to cover all their bases, I'm not sure as a nominee I could trust it would work out.

Power of Veto Competition

Everyone is playing except Shane and it's the Otev one, where they have to bring back answers to riddles to the Veto alien. When Danielle gets eliminated, Shane hilariously says, "Don't hug me. Good job," because she's covered in goop. Heh. Anyway, it comes down to Dan vs. Frank for the Veto and Frank decides not to throw it, so they're both gunning for the win. Dan pulls it out, which is kind of amazing considering how many times Frank won POV when he was on the block.

Jenn is praying Dan will use the POV as a quid pro quo, which he totally should do -- she's not the target, she's not a threat and it's a great PR move. Frank is also totally on board because he's so confident he can get Joe evicted, which -- Frank has quite the delusions happening sometimes.

As an aside: On the live feeds, Frank is constantly talking about how hard he worked to get on the show and how much he deserves to win, which really rubs the other hamsters the wrong way. It comes across as very arrogant.

POV Ceremony

Frank doesn't expect the POV, while Jenn would love for Dan to return the favor, which Dan decides to do. Not a huge gamer move, but definitely makes him look like a stand-up guy without shaking up the house. Ian weirdly says Dan is playing with fire and stirring the pot. Um, there's concealing your alliance and then there's the lady doth protest too much. Don't lay it on too thick, Ian.

So, not the most eventful "Big Brother" episode in history. Do you think Frank has a chance to get Joe out? We don't really think so, though we still think eviction will come as a huge surprise to Frank. He's just convinced everybody wants him around.

And Dan is really positioning himself nicely. Finally winning comps, earning brownie points with Jenn, pulling off that huge move to save himself. If these hamsters aren't careful, he'll win again.

Tomorrow night's double eviction should be fun, y'all. If you don't want to sign up for the live feeds for the HOH endurance comp, we'll be here with a live blog.
Photo/Video credit: CBS