'Big Brother 14': Danielle is a little delusional regarding Janelle

danielle-janelle-big-brother-14.jpgThere hasn't been as much game play in the "Big Brother 14" house as we thought there would be this week. Janelle got put on the block as a replacement nominee by Danielle, who took Wil off, and we expected Janie to really fight to stay.

However, she really hasn't been working that hard. It's difficult to tell if it's because she thinks she has the votes to stay or if it's because she's given up. Either way, feisty fighter Janelle has not shown up yet. Instead, Janelle prefers to rehash with Danielle why she's even nominated (which is kind of a moot point, because it isn't going to change anything).

So Monday night, Janelle and Danielle had a long talk in the HOH room about how loyal Janelle is and how she can't believe Danielle nominated her and how dangerous Janelle thinks it would be for Danielle to work with Boogie, etc. etc. It was a rather normal conversation, devoid of fireworks, and it didn't really go anywhere.

Of course, in the aftermath, Danielle kind of lost her mind a little. She was repeating the conversation to anyone who would listen and each retelling got more and more ridiculous and exaggerated. She was talking about how Janelle cornered her (she didn't) and was "bullying" her (she wasn't) and being full of rage (she wasn't).

When Janelle tried to come up to talk to Danielle a second time, Danielle wouldn't answer the HOH door and then laughed about how mad that must make Janelle. It's fairly hilarious to watch the reality which Danielle has constructed for herself.

All we can hope for now is that Janelle decides to get down 'n dirty -- and maybe a booze delivery, because these hamsters need some livening up stat.

Photo/Video credit: CBS