'Big Brother 14': Did Ian find himself a home?

ian-janelle-boogie-big-brother-14.jpgThe new Head of Household is trying to figure out who to nominate in the "Big Brother 14" house -- find out what's been happening on the live feeds.

Danielle won HOH and her first thought was to target Janelle. Not a bad thought. But the coaches immediately rallied, talking about how it's newbies vs. coaches, and Dan (as Danielle de factor puppetmaster) convinced her Janelle was not the right person to target, so Danielle turned her attention to Wil and Frank.

However, by Friday afternoon after the HOH competition, it seems that perhaps Dan and Britney aren't so down to align with Boogie and Janelle as they were the night before. And neither is Ian (or so he says).

Ian seems to have come to the realization that Boogie and Frank are tight and while they like Ian as a person, he's kind of low man on the totem pole. So he approaches Dan and Britney about an alliance with them and Danielle, with Britney pulling in Shane.

It'll be interesting to see if it works. The weird part is that Ian is so mealy-mouthed sometimes. He keeps talking about how he wishes they could bring Frank in on the alliance and how Frank's a "tank" and he's such a good guy and -- the man crush, Ian has it.

Meanwhile, Britney and Dan are trying to circumspectly find out how Ian would vote if Frank is the target. And he still isn't very definitive, other than saying his word is his bond and stuff like that.

It's a shaky proposition because Ian could probably easily be brought back into the fold by Boogie and Frank. He's honestly not a very good gamer. He's won't/can't lie and he speaks in such wishy-washy turns of phrase that he sounds like he doesn't know what he wants to do half the time.

And if Boogie decides to re-engage (because he has totally checked out at this point), he might very easily turn Ian as a double agent.

As for Danielle nominees, what do you think of Wil and Frank (if that's who she goes with)? We're not sure that's the way to go this week -- at least one person on the block should be a veteran. We'd put up Frank and Boogie, maybe. Boogie and Janelle would be great too, with Frank as a back-up.

Nominations should be taking place later today, so check back for that, or sign up for the live feeds three-day free trial to keep track of all the scheming yourself.
Photo/Video credit: CBS