'Big Brother 14': Double eviction whittles the house down to five

big-brother-14-final-7.jpgIt's time for the second double eviction of the "Big Brother 14" season, which is a lot of fun. Strap in, hamster fans. And sign up for the live feeds if you want to follow along with tonight's second HOH or the final HOH competition in the coming weeks.

Post POV Ceremony

Dan is not exactly in stealth mode and Frank still doesn't get what is happening, it's kind of hilarious. Meanwhile, Joe is worried he's the target (God knows why he would think that) and Ian has to remind him just to lay low all week and he'll be fine. But if he goes around getting all crazy, Frank might find a way to eke out a stay.

Dan is running scenarios in his head and realizes that Joe winning the next HOH is the only nightmare scenario. Joe tells him Shane and Danielle, but secretly Joe would put up Dan. At least Joe has the sense God gave a goose not to tell Dan he would put Dan up. Seriously, you never know with these hamsters this year.

And then like clockwork, Joe shows off his master brain skills by starting to replay his conversation with Dan WITH Dan, who has wandered into the bedroom and Joe thinks it's Shane. That is too, too funny. Man, Dan should have kept quiet and listened for awhile longer. Heh.

Still, it's not as though the QP is going to evict Joe over Frank. No way.

The First Eviction

Frank uses the word "figuratively" twice in his plea speech, which, OK, at least he doesn't misuse the word "literally" like every girl in the world right now, it seems. But still -- we can see that you aren't literally pouring out a 40 on the floor for Mike Boogie or raising a glass to toast your fellow houseguests.

Anyway, to the surprise of no one, Frank is evicted by a vote of 3-1, with Jenn the only vote to keep him. He only hugs Jenn on the way out. Frank is probably super bitter -- he's been talking all week about how much more he deserves to win than anyone else and while he's quite the competition beast, his social game and strategery kind of suck.

In his exit interview, Julie acts like Frank had to go through a firestorm to get into the BB house and that he's about to be taken out back and shot or something. Seriously, you're laying it on a little thick, Chen.

HOH Competition

The competition is a quote from an evicted houseguest made in his or her final plea. For each correct answer, you get a point. Most points wins. Jenn, Dan and Danielle do well, each earning five points apiece and going to a tie-breaker. The quesiton is how many minutes elapsed for Jodi's stay in the BB house. Wow. I'd guess 250. I would have lost, Dan wins with 363.

Interesting. So who's going up? Joe and Jenn? Ian and Joe? Ian and Shane? Hmmm.

Joe hilariously puts himself in the hot seat before Dan even makes his nominations. Heh. Joe's great sometimes, he has a terrific sense of humor about everything. But Dan puts Ian on the block alongside Joe.

The Power of Veto

The competition is a kind of maze, with a shark fin on a track. Joe has a lead, but loses it and Ian takes over, winning POV and kind of freaking out about it. He's such a weird little hamster, heh.

The Second Eviction

The hamsters aren't moving fast enough for Chenbot, so she awesomely says, "In the living room. Now. ....... Don't make me come in there."

Ian obviously removes himself and Dan puts Danielle on the block. She looks pretty surprised, but it's the only way he can guarantee Joe goes out.

When we come back from commercial, Danielle has maybe been crying? Geez, lady. Joe seems to know he's out. And then by a vote of 3-0, he is. Joe takes it very well, hugging everybody and telling them he loves them all and it's just a game. He may yell a lot, but Joe seems like a genuinely good person. We bet he's a great dad.

Joe gets a brief exit interview in the last few minutes and that's it. No HOH started, which is a bummer. We wanted to watch that play out on the live feeds.

Photo/Video credit: CBS