'Big Brother 14': Janelle might be on her way out the door

janelle-boogie-big-brother-14.jpgDanielle has nominated Wil and Frank for eviction in the "Big Brother 14" house, as the coaches have entered the game. And that's where we are.

Post Nominations

Wil is mad about being nominated, since Danielle did say right to his face that he would be safe. But the anger dissipates as Danielle collapses into tears. Oh, don't be sucked in by her big cow eyes, Wil. But instead they just have a big ol' come-to-Jesus moment as the plinky-plunky strains of Stockholm Syndrome play.

Meanwhile, the Boogie/Frank bromance continues, as Boogie is convinced he's being backdoored and they bond over how awesome they are and how much they hate everybody else. Boogie goes to Dan, still mad about the plan that never happened to get Frank out. Boogie ironically says he would've ended up looking like a "big f***ing idiot" if that happens, while standing there in a neon shirt and a trucker hat.

And Ian is searching for a group of friends, since he can tell he's not Boogie's no. 1 guy. But Ian doesn't know what he wants, he's the wishy-washiest person ever. Make a decision, dude. Make a play. Stop being such a wuss, fella. He approaches the Britney/Dan/Dani/Shane group, but he still can't commit to being willing to join them 100% and vote against Frank. For a smart guy who really knows this game, he sure isn't much of a gamer. He's no Cochran, that's for darn sure. Cochran may not have been effective on "Survivor," but he tried.

Power of Veto

Joining Dani, Frank and Wil are Shane, Ian and Jenn for POV. And then Janelle gets spied by Britney whispering with Frank, which gets Danielle riled up (much like being out of Twizzlers or a rogue eyebrow hair does. Seriously it does not take much to wind Danielle into a tizzy). As you may or may not learn this week based on what CBS chooses to broadcast, Danielle is kind of crazypants. Sign up for the live feeds and see for yourself, guys.

The POV is baseball themed and Danielle does speak the truth when she says there's a reason why women love baseball players -- how their pants fit on them. As a baseball fan, I also enjoy high OPS and low ERA, but some nice pants (and forearms. and eye black) don't hurt either.

This is the game where each round has a low scorer and that person has to take a "prize," which could be good or bad. And each new person can steal the previous prizes.

Round 1 knocks out Shane, who manages to get the Veto out of his cracker jack box. Round 2 knocks out Wil, who gets a Veto Ticket (guarantees play in next week's POV). He trades for the Veto, which is super dumb. Wil has to know the POV will get taken from him, so why wouldn't you hope you stay and then have the Veto Ticket to use next week?

Round 3 knocks out Jenn, who gets a Maui vacation and keeps it. Round 4 knocks out Ian, who draws a dog punishment for 24 hours. He chooses to keep it, because he's super pumped at the thought of getting to do a BB punishment. Boogie is flabbergasted.

And also, on the feeds, Ian was saying that Jenn totally deserved the Hawaii vacation, which is very sweet of him. He's such a nice guy. Anyway, so Round 5 knocks out Frank, who draws the $5000 prize and trades it to Wil for the POV (which is dumb and we'll get to that). Danielle draws the "spiritard" and trades it for Frank's POV. So Danielle wins.

Post POV

Frank is lamenting getting beat by a sorority girl in the POV. Uh, like that has anything to do with anything. You kind of beat yourself, dude. You shouldn't have traded for POV, dummy. Wil had it, so either Danielle is going to trade him for it (most likely, she wants to keep her noms the same at this point) or she leaves it with Wil and he takes himself off -- but that gives you a chance to get somebody backdoored. It lets you work.

By you trading with Wil to get POV, you guarantee Danielle is going to take it from you because you're the target. That was super dumb. You keep the $5000, you at least have $5000 and you have a chance that Danielle leaves the POV with Wil and you can work on her to backdoor a threat.

(This will all prove moot in a little while, but in the moment, that was a mistake by Frank, I think.)

Boogie decides Janelle needs to go before she starts being a real threat, so he and Frank go to work on Dan and Britney, who will bring their followers with them (Dani and Shane).

When Frank's "spiritard" is revealed, it's ... super weird. Why is it so low on his body? It's like drawing attention to his junk. And Ian is so excited to be the house dog. Oh, Ian.

Speaking of Ian, he decides to throw in with the DDBS group. Dan thinks he's super trustworthy, so they form a five-person alliance called the "Quack Pack." *snicker*

But things really get good when Boogie starts working on impressionable Danielle about a six-person alliance of DDBS and Frank and Boogie. He makes a good argument that it's three vets and their pets, so everybody has a partner, everybody's kind of protected. And they target Janelle this week, who is a huge threat -- and she is, she's proven herself in this game twice. But so far, she hasn't been much of a threat this year.

Danielle falls for Boogie's pitch hook, line and sinker. Now, getting out a veteran is smart. But aligning with the other three veterans? Hmmm.

So Boogie goes to work on Dan about the plan, but is crashed by Janelle and Britney to talk about a coaches alliance. But it won't work with Wil and Frank on the block, because neither Boogie nor Janelle will agree to send their no. 1 ally home. They're at an impasse.

Boogie tosses out Joe's name as a person to get out, to show Janelle can be trusted and she won't do it. She just sits there. Boogie astutely points out no one is willing to sacrifice one of their players. He's playing this very straightforward, as Britney said, and he's making a ton of sense, which makes me crazy. Don't make me like you, Boogie!

So just like that, the coaches alliance kind of falls to pieces and it illustrates to Dan how dangerous Janelle is. It seriously could not have gone better for Boogie and he wasn't even being shady. He was making a lot of sense.

Dan rounds up Ian, Shane and Danielle to tell them what happened and they, as total sheep who can be influenced by the last person who speaks to them, agree to backdoor Janelle. They get Ian to leave and then strike their "Silent Six" alliance with Boogie and Frank.

Meanwhile, Janelle comes upstairs and tries to come in the HOH room and nobody will answer her knocking. And it really did go down pretty much that way on the feeds, y'all. It was kind of crazy.

Power of Veto Meeting

Danielle uses the POV on Wil, which gets some raised eyebrows from Janelle. It also shows that at least Dani has half a brain in her head -- she did not need to save Frank, as Boogie wanted her to. That's like her insurance that this week goes the way she wants, it's win-win between Frank or Janelle going home.

Danielle then replaces Wil with Janelle and not only does Janelle look surprised, but Dani's alliance members all look "shocked" for show. Except Boogie, he kind of smirks, but that's what he would do if he didn't know it was coming.

So, can Janelle pull the votes to keep herself safe? It's not looking good for her at this point. Also, Frank and Boogie need to stop the Will/Boogie laughing thing from All-Stars, it's not funny and it's kind of sad.

Photo/Video credit: CBS