'Big Brother 14': The coaches are rallying, will the newbies put a stop to it?

big-brother-14-coaches-boom-box-room.jpgThe live feeds got interesting real quick Thursday night (Aug. 2) after the "Big Brother 14" endurance Head of Household competition. Read on if you want to know what's happening -- or sign up for the live feeds. They should be pretty great this week.

As soon as the HOH comp was over, the three non-showering coaches (Britney was in the shower warming up) convened in the boom box room. Dan wanted to make sure Boogie has his back, then Janelle joins in and the complaining about eight versus four begins.

Uh, can we remind you that nobody made you enter the game as a player? Also, you could have done this math three hours ago and forced yourself to win HOH, guys.

Meanwhile, thanks to Joe's inexplicable blabbing, Boogie now knows Frank was going home this week if the game hadn't reset. So he's quite nervous about that bit of scheming he would have been completely blindsided by.

When the coaches start talking about which newbies they should target, Boogie says Wil and Janelle says Frank, neither of which the other coach likes to hear and Boogie hilariously points out the bit of Stockholm Syndrome they have going on with their teams.

"The problem is we all have our people now. That's the f***up crazy psycho thing. We have our allegiance to these people," Boogie laughs.

It also appears that Janelle and Britney have decided to maintain the lies that they didn't push the button. Dan is the only one who has owned up to it, while Boogie says he didn't push it (and he's telling the truth). People seem to already be suspicious of Janelle and Britney in this regard, though.

Later, Boogie talks with Frank and Ian and says, "As far as I'm concerned we're still a team."

And therein lies the rub. To Frank and Ian, that shouldn't mean squat. This is not a team game and why would you want to protect your coach, who is a veteran player and has maybe already won? (Plus, the coaches got $20,000 upfront just to come back to the show, Boogie revealed on the feeds).

But it's happening all over. Danielle originally wants to target Janelle her first week, which is a solid pick, but Dan talks her out of it! And she listens to him! Because Danielle really has a problem thinking for herself.

I get that it's hard to get out of the team mentality and it cuts both ways -- Boogie wants to keep Frank safe (at least for now), even though Frank is one of the biggest threats in the house. But the newbies are also feeling like they have to keep their "coach" safe, which is ridiculous.

If the newbies don't get a veteran out this week, they are making a huge mistake, in my opinion. Will the house be more interesting the longer the vets stay? Probably. But game-wise, it's so frustrating. Somebody needs to snap the newbies out of it -- I think it'll be Wil. He was talking a lot on the feeds last night about a newbie alliance and he also overheard Dan and Janelle talking about a coaches alliance. Hopefully he can talk some sense into Danielle.

Because if he doesn't, he's going on the block (at least after last night). After Dan convinced Danielle not to target Janelle, she decided Frank and Wil were who she should nominate. Now, those are great targets if this is a normal game, but I think you gotta prioritize getting the vets out first before they run roughshod over the entire game.

What do you think, hamster fans? Check back with Zap2it later today to find out who Danielle nominates -- or sign up for the live feeds.

Photo/Video credit: CBS