'Big Brother 15': Amanda can't believe she's being 'portrayed' as a bully

amanda-mccrae-big-brother-15.jpgThis next week should be a lot of fun in the "Big Brother 15" house, guys. Read on to find out what's happening or just sign up for the live feeds to watch for yourself.

GinaMarie made quick work of the competition last night and is the new Head of Household, which is great for those of us looking for fireworks because GM is pretty firmly ensconced with both the Exterminators and with Elissa (right now anyway). If Andy had won, we'd all be worried he'd wuss about regarding McCranda. If Spencer had won, there'd be no suspense because Amanda would know he is coming after her.

But GM is pretty slick. As soon as the feeds came back last night, Amanda started following her around like a lost puppy, more or less freaking out about who GM is going to nominate (because Amanda cannot handle losing control of the house, we've established that). It's actually pretty funny to watch -- she dogs GM all night long, alternately telling her that Aaryn would want her to get out Elissa and then bashing on Elissa.

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In fact, a little before 11 pm P.T., Spencer, Andy, Amanda and Elissa are sitting in the living room and they're talking about Jessie. Spencer and Elissa, specifically, are talking about how pretty she is. And then this happens:

Elissa: "I think Jessie was the only 10 in this house."
Amanda: "You are such a f***ing b****. What is wrong with you? ... You can f***ing take your perma-smile with your joker f***ing face, because I know you can't make another face because it's stuck that way, and shove it up your f***ing a**."
Andy: "Ladies."
Elissa: "OK, please don't say 'ladies' because there's only one lady here." [ everybody gets up, leaves Amanda sitting there]
Amanda: "Bye, Elissa! Go lock yourself in your HOH -- oh, stop, you can't do that anymore! ... You f***ing say back-handed things, you think I can't f***ing stand up for myself?"

So, let us get this straight -- Amanda is "standing up for herself" because ... she thinks she's a 10, too? Is that it? And she's all butt-hurt that Elissa obviously thinks Jessie is prettier than she is? Amanda has some serious self-esteem issues.

Anyway, so then Spencer comes back and tells Amanda, "It went a little personal, so I got up. ... I'm not gonna be in the middle of it" and Amanda's response is to shout, "Like, I hope America sees what this f***ing c*** sits here and does."

From where we're sitting, it's not Elissa who's being the nasty words you just used.

What's so ironic about this is that earlier in the night, right after the POV was over, Amanda was talking about how she knows she's being "portrayed" as a bully on TV when Julie asked her about harassing Elissa this week on the live eviction show.

And while we understand that editing is a huge part of reality TV and they cast "heroes" and "villains," Amanda has no idea that her edit this summer has been spectacular up until very recently. She's been portrayed as a funny mastermind, until her antics on the live feeds became such that "Big Brother" couldn't ignore them anymore.

In fact, "BB" still has edited out a lot of Amanda's nastiness. She's been as bad as Aaryn ever was. 

One funny tweeter named Vince Rob says, "Amanda seems befuddled by the idea that her plan to act like a total b**** may result in her being portrayed as a total b**** ... I mean Jesus Elissa when are you going to stop making Amanda say b****y things to you?"

As the night wore on, Amanda became more and more distraught about how Elissa is bullying her and how she's the victim, which even made Judd and Andy lament that Julie Chen started all of this with her questions -- "Julie's a s***-starter," Andy says. Ha!

Even McCrae got nasty last night, saying with Elissa on the block, he wants to win POV and "wear it on [his] d***." Then at around 3:40 a.m. PT on camera 3, McCrae says about Elissa, "I just want to be like, 'We f***ed all over your bed and came, I thought it would hurt your skin and you'd have a break out but it didn't.'" and Amanda says, "I would love for you to come in her bed."

These two are the worst.

But luckily, this should be a great week for us (not so much for them). GM is not listening at all to Amanda and McCrae hounding her about putting up Elissa and she plans to nominate the two of them later today. They don't know it, either, so the feeds should be pretty juicy.

Stay tuned here for the latest news about nominations tonight.
Photo/Video credit: CBS