'Big Brother 15': Amanda is a 'scapegoat' like the Jews during the Holocaust, and the house is in chaos

amanda-big-brother-15-scapegoat.jpgJust when we think that it's going to be a boring week on "Big Brother 15," the hamsters prove us wrong. Read on to find out what delightful things were happening last night in the house, or just sign up for the live feeds to find out for yourself. It's pretty fun to flashback to.

So, Elissa went bonkers yesterday about her religion. She was in the backyard talking to McCrae, Andy and Amanda about how religious she is and how it offends her when people swear on the Bible in the game. Andy was trying to subtly indicate to her to lower her voice and she completely missed it, so he and McCrae were giggling about how she needed to be quieter and she was taking no notice of that.

This causes Elissa to think that they are laughing at her -- specifically her religious beliefs. It's understandable that before she knew what they were giggling about that she would think they were laughing at her. So Andy tries to explain what they were laughing about, but Elissa won't even let him get a word in edgewise. He manages to get his point across, but she still keeps saying things like "I don't think it's funny" and "Don't laugh at my beliefs" and it's like -- THEY WEREN'T. Why don't you open your ears and shut your mouth for once?

But that is not the end of it! Elissa keeps talking about people disparaging her religious beliefs for, like, the rest of the afternoon. From the way she goes on and on (and on and on) about it, you'd think Andy snatched a Bible from her hands, opened it and pooped on it. You would think that is what he did based on her reaction.

It was kind of insane.

But Elissa's insanity does not stop there. Later, she decides it's time to work on getting Aaryn out because Elissa is so blinded by her hated (and also jealousy) that she has towards Aaryn, which is so dumb because a good portion of the rest of the house realizes that Kaitlin is a way bigger threat to the game and needs to leave.

To stir the pot, Elissa tells Kaitlin that Aaryn -- OK, let me just have Helen recap it for you: "Aaryn just came up to me (Helen) ... Kaitlin just told me (Aaryn) that Elissa told her that she wants me out (Aaryn out) and Kaitlin to stay and Kaitlin is in an alliance with Howard and Spencer and she needs to expose it if she wants to stay."

So, basically, Elissa thinks Kaitlin needs to expose her alliance with Howard and Spencer in order to stay? It's very bizarre.

But it leads to an awesome house meeting about it at 8 p.m. PT on the live feeds, where Aaryn and Kaitlin are sniping at each other and Howard and Spencer are lying their butts off.

But as it stands, it still looks like Kaitlin is going home.

However, Amanda is on a Candice rampage, apparently because Candice has talked about wanting to get Amanda out of the house. Amanda says, "You guys, I want to kill Candice. I'm going to f***ing sharpen one of those butter knives. ... I cannot believe the anger that I have right now. ... No one should be so f***ing stupid to have my name leave their f***ing mouth. It always comes back to the person. ... Fat pig b****."

Um, dial it back, Amanda. We want to like you, but you sound insane. Did you not expect people to talk about evicting you ever? Of course they're going to talk about it, especially because you are a power player and you're romanced up with McCrae.

Speaking of McCrae, he gives Amanda a history lesson later with this gem:

I was thinking about it and it's funny -- when people say scapegoat, they think about one type of person. And it's funny that you're always the scapegoat here. ... The term scapegoat I think originates from 1940s when Hitler rose to power and he scapegoated your people as the problem with why Germany was a piece of s***. I just think it's funny that you're the scapegoat here too.

Now, he's right that Amanda takes a lot of blame for scheming and alliances in the house when many more people are involved. But he's way wrong several other things.

First off, the term "scapegoat" dates back (in Hebrew) to ancient Greece and the English word for it dates back to a 16th century translation of the Bible.

Secondly, while yes, Hitler did use the Jewish people as scapegoats in the 1940s, we're not sure it's an apropos comparison to what people do to Amanda in the house. That is kind of like saying me running into a fire hydrant with my bicycle is like the crash of the airplanes on 9/11.

Yes, technically, we were all in "crashes," but they are not really the same at all.

One thing's for sure -- this house is never dull. Sign up for the live feeds to keep track, because everybody is pretty much bonkers.
Photo/Video credit: CBS