'Big Brother 15': Candice, Amanda and Spencer lose their minds

candice-house-meeting-big-brother-15.jpgIt's a drama-filled week in the "Big Brother 15" house. This cast is not made up of the best gamers, but they sure are entertaining. Sign up for the live feeds to watch it all for yourself, because if today is any indication, tomorrow should be even more fun.

The blow-up started around 12:30 PT with Spencer and Amanda having a go at each other. It's no secret they are not friends -- Amanda thinks Spencer is a gross perv and Spencer thinks Amanda is a "whore" (his words) who his running the whole house.

Aside from the whore part, they're both right. And the fight breaks out because Spencer is desperate to keep Howard in the house and Amanda is freaking out about being on the block. Her paranoia level is through the roof and they both just kind of yell at each other for a while. It's a good one.

But then later, Candice calls a house meeting outside -- "Hey you guys, I just wanna call a house meeting for like five minutes," which leads to this priceless exchange between Andy and Judd:

A: "I can't wait!"
J: "It's gonna be a fiasco. I wish I had some popcorn."
A: "Should I grab some candy?"

Anyway, so Candice decides it's time to call out Spencer in front of the entire house, which is probably the dumbest move we've seen her make all summer -- which is saying something, because while Candice is smart at figuring things out in the house, she's super dumb about then knowing what to do about them.

But back to this afternoon. First Candice is mad because she heard Spencer wants to get her out -- "I woke up this morning and I'm bombarded by people telling me that Spencer is telling everyone that he wants me to go and he wants Howard to stay."

Um, no duh, Candice. Spencer and Howard are allies. OF COURSE Spencer wants him to stay over you. Why does that anger you? Everybody has an opinion about who they want and Spencer likes Howard more than you.

Then she says to Spencer, "You come to me and you tell me that you want to rally an army to get Amanda to go."

What's this? Perhaps the real plan? Perhaps Spencer was just telling everyone he wants Candice out and in reality he wants Amanda out, so maybe Candice should have closed her giant yap and listened to him and worked with him to flip some houseguests so that Amanda goes home?

But no. Candice would rather call him out and reveal the whole plan. Because she is DUMB.

Then she says, "Keep my god**** name out your god**** mouth."

This sentiment is a running theme with people in this house and it's like -- what? People are going to talk. They are going to talk about evicting people. They are probably going to talk about evicting everyone at some point. You are in a house with a finite group of people where most days, there is literally nothing else to do but sit around and talk. STOP ACTING LIKE THIS IS SO OFFENSIVE.

As the meeting ends, Candice's "final word" to Spencer is, "[Spencer] told me to go talk to Helen and that he was gonna try to get [Amanda] out of the house. Thanks, Spencer!"

Then Candice declares Spencer better watch out because she's coming for him next week. Which it's like -- considering how you've done in challenges, lady, Spencer probably feels fine about that.

Also, does she not realize that SPENCER is her only chance to stay in the house WITH Howard? That Spencer is working his butt off to keep Howard and evict Amanda? SHUT UP, CANDICE.

Meanwhile, in the midst of all this, Howard busts out some more of his patented nonsense. We like Howard, truly, but sometimes he makes these speeches where it's like someone threw a book of platitudes and some inspirational sports movie quotes and some Scrabble tiles into a blender and out pops Howard's speech.

"I still want to self-evict 'cause if you ain't gonna play this game to compete ... when you gotta stoop to maliciously lying or manipulating people ... I didn't come all the way here for a certain group of people to tell the middle people what to do every week and watch ... these same people be safe. ... If four people can run this house, more power to 'em. ... My last wish is that people vote off their own merit and not be told what to do to feel safe. ... Everybody that's in the middle, either you're gonna vote and do what they say to feel safe, or you're gonna stand up. If you're not gonna stand up, I'd rather Candice stay and I go and it's gonna be the same story every week."

Basically, it sounds like Howard is upset because people are scheming behind his back. This isn't "West Side Story" -- you aren't going to just be in two rival gangs and duke it out under the highway to jaunty music. Why don't you relax and start going to work to keep your butt safe?

Howard's sanctimonious speech even manages to make Aaryn look sane. Afterwards, she and Helen have this exchange, which is right on the money:

Aaryn: "It's a game. You don't show your cards when you play poker. It's a game. It doesn't make us a bad person if we make deals and do things to help our game and stay here longer."
Helen: "I agree. It's not like we're selling ourselves for $500,00. We're playing a game. ... He's gonna tell America we're all selling ourselves for $500,000, but you signed up. You're just getting the bad end of the stick. I can't keep everybody in this house."

It really is just a case of the people who are outnumbered being whiny about being outnumbered. It happens a lot with this show. But that's the way the cookie crumbles and you are teaching a masterclass on how to get evicted from this house. Frankly, at this point, both Candice and Howard should have to leave just for being dumb.

And then we would be remiss if we did not bring one last point up -- in all of this, Amanda is offended because Candice reveals to the group that Spencer said he wishes Amanda would choke on her own spit and die. Now, we didn't hear Spencer say that and we haven't dug back into the archives to find it. But it sounds like some of the hyperbolic B.S. that he might say.

BUT this is Amanda's reaction: "On a personal level, for me to choke on my spit and die? I would never wish that on anyone. That is the most asinine, insane, personal thing I've ever heard. This guy's a stand-up guy."

Amanda has joined Aaryn as a person whose lack of self-awareness is staggering. Because she's the one who has talked about sharpening a butter knife to kill Candice with it and saying she hopes Candice trips and falls on her tweezers and pops out an eyeball.

Amanda has turned into one of the worst people in the house.
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