'Big Brother 15': Poppy Montgomery's 'Unforgettable' Have Not competition

big-brother-15-aaryn-hoh.jpgTime for the latest "Big Brother 15" episode, where we find out who Aaryn decides to target with her Head of Household nominations. Who's excited?

Post HOH

Aaryn is on top of the world with her rags-to-riches story, and so is coattail-rider GinaMarie. Helen thinks Aaryn will honor the deal of nominating Howard and Spencer. Who are not happy? Elissa and Candice. But at least they probably won't be the targets.

Candice informs Howard about Aaryn's deal and asks him not to tell Spencer, while Spence is working on Aaryn and she's begging off, saying she has to wait and see what everybody wants.

Aaryn tells Spencer she wants to play with people she respects and she respects him, so she wants to keep him, but "this game has turned into something else." Um, first of all, what has this game turned into? It's "Big Brother," not "Be the Best You Can Be" game. Secondly, Aaryn and Spencer are TWO OF THE WORST PEOPLE IN THE HOUSE.

So, that does have a certain symmetry to it that Aaryn would like and respect Spencer. But still. Ugh. Spencer's a creep, y'all. Meanwhile, Spencer doesn't like Aaryn's tapdancing around whether she'll keep him. Dude, you haven't been HOH. You don't know how much pressure there is not to make too many people mad.

The Deal Kerfuffle

Helen informs Aaryn that Candice has heard about the deal (it was Jessie, but they think it's Elissa) and that Candice wants Spencer and GinaMarie to go up. But that's not the plan -- Howard is the target. There's some talk between Helen adn Aaryn about targeting Elissa, but Helen doesn't want to vote Elissa out because she swore she wouldn't, and Aaryn doesn't want to do anything without Helen's backing. We will say this for Aaryn -- she's being very smart by aligning with Helen.

When Aaryn gets her HOH room, there's a moment where Aaryn says "axed" instead of "asked" and says to Candice, "You got me saying 'axed'" and it's painted as this "racism" moment, but HOLD THE PHONE. In that very moment, Aaryn said it to Candice AND GinaMarie -- "You and you got me saying 'axed.'"

We are not defending Aaryn's attitudes in general -- she once cut Candice down in the middle of an argument by snottily saying, "It's 'asked,' not 'axed,'" but that was some SHADY editing.

The deal kerfuffle picks right back up with Helen telling McCranda and Judd about Candice "threatening" her in the bathroom, which Candice didn't really do. She told her not to come after herself and Howard, but she wasn't "threatening" her. Also, it wasn't Elissa! But the show needs to make it look like the house is targeting Elissa so there's some tension.

In reality, there was zero tension about Aaryn's nominees. We knew who they were going to be right away after the feeds came back that night.

Isn't It Showmantic?

McCrae and Amanda take a bath together and she says she loves him and he says it back. They have been getting down 'n dirty in the house, just FYI.

Back to Nominations

Spencer is worried about going on the block and he says he can't see why -- dude, you're aligned with the weak side of the house and everybody sees Howard as a huge threat. The nominees have to be him and one of his allies, i.e. you or Candice, dummy.

Howard goes to work trying to keep himself on the block and Aaryn spills all the beans -- the deal, Candice talking to Helen, etc. She basically explains to him that it's not personal, it's about protecting herself. Which is exactly what Aaryn should be doing. Her only ally left is GinaMarie, who, let's be honest, isn't much of an ally.

The Have Not Competition

Poppy Montgomery is "there" on the TV screen to introduce the comp and then walk them through how it works -- they balance "evidence" on a table, giving the team that does it first an advantage in part 2 -- more photos of the items on the shelves, which they have to replicate for part 2. Anyway, the team that finishes first is Orange (Andy/McCrae/Aaryn/Elissa). Second is purple (Spencer/Howard/Helen/Jessie) and the losers are green (Judd/GM/Amanda/Candice).

Elissa's Yogi Bear

It's an "upward" battle for Elissa to do her yoga, so she does it everywhere, apparently. Does anybody care? Nope.

Back to Nominations (Again)

Candice thinks Aaryn's power move would be to put up Amanda and McCrae -- she's not wrong, but do you really think Aaryn's really going to go for that against the big side of the house? There's no way and we don't blame her. Aaryn just off the block and there's a huge alliance she needs to appease right now. It's not the time for a big move, for Aaryn.

Aaryn kind of snottily says in the DR that Candice doesn't really exist in her world, but that aside, Aaryn doing what the majority of the house wants is her best move as HOH.

In the end, Aaryn nominates Howard and Spencer, which is the right move for her. Stay tuned for Wednesday's show, guys -- America's nominee is a bit of a surprise! Or just sign up for the live feeds to find out what's going on already.

Photo/Video credit: CBS