'Big Brother 15' Week 10 Head of Household competition live blog

big-brother-15-HOH-live-week-10.jpgWe are pretty surprised, but "Big Brother 15" is doing yet another endurance HOH competition this week. It's a bunny-themed competition with Easter eggs that involves a tricky HOH-shaped maze and hopping with your legs tied together.

It won't take three hours, we don't think, but it definitely is going to take longer than the live eviction show, so join us here to follow along, or just sign up for the live feeds to follow along with yourself -- the feeds are only $10 for the remainder of the season and we've got a lot of game left.

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All times Eastern.

9:59 -- Julie reveals what we expected, that next Thursday is another double eviction. What we were not expecting was that there will be a special competition between now and Sunday's show. That should be fun.

10:00 -- So far, Andy and GM have two eggs apiece, McCrae, Judd, Spencer and Amanda each have one. This won't take that long.

10:17 -- Sorry gang, the feeds have not returned yet. Any minute now.

10:23 -- Hopefully the competition isn't over yet, but it could be. We'll let you know as soon as we know something.

10:32 -- Well, this is a little ridiculous. Guess "BB" doesn't want to let us see any of the comp tonight.

10:33 -- Yes, the comp is over and GinaMarie has won Head of Household. Amanda and GM are talking about sending Elissa home on the feeds right now, which we think sounds weird. GM should be working with Elissa this week. Hmmm.

10:36 -- Amanda is totally kissing GM's butt right now, so she's definitely nervous about nominations.

10:44 -- GM, Judd, Spencer and Andy celebrate big time in the storage room. The Exterminators are in good shape this week!

10:46 -- GM affirms to her alliance that she's putting up McCrae and Amanda and that they better protect her, because Amanda is going to go ballistic.

We'll be back tomorrow with a report on the overnight happenings, or you can just sign up for the live feeds to follow along for yourself.
Photo/Video credit: CBS