'Big Brother 15' Week 11 elimination live blog

big-brother-15-final-4.jpgTime to find out who will be in the Final 3 for "Big Brother 15" -- and rejoice, fans! The show got renewed for next year. We can hardly wait.

Join us here for our weekly live blog of the elimination festivities. We'll also be setting up a separate one for the first round of the final Head of Household competition, which will surely be an endurance comp that starts at the end of tonight's show and continues on the live feeds. Or you could just sign up for the live feeds and watch for yourself.

The fun kicks off at 9 p.m. ET.

8:55 -- If you're not up for "Big Brother" tonight, my favorite "Friday the 13th" is starting on Syfy. It's the one with the telekinetic girl and Bernie from "Weekend at Bernie's."

9:01 -- We aren't really sure what's going on with Julie's asymmetrical outfit and clunky shoes tonight. It looks OK because it's black, but if that were in a bright color, she'd look ridiculous.

9:04 -- We get to go to the jury house tonight. Which is a shame, because we like how in our head, the jury house is just a disaster area covered in blood, lipstick and hair extensions. (That is not a slam on women, that is a slam on THESE women, who maybe all hate each other.)

9:06 -- Andy calls his win the victory of the "most important HOH of the season." We'd argue that one is coming up. This is a big one to win, but if you win Final 3, you have ALL the power and get to pick who you're sitting next to at the end. In fact, we'd argue this week's HOH isn't even that important, because it's all about POV when you're at Final 4.

-- Andy nominates Spencer and McCrae, but it hardly matters this week. This week is all about POV.

9:15 -- Jury House! Jessie, Helen and Candice are getting along fine, doing crafts and drinking sweet tea. It's too bad there's not a veranda for them to lounge on.

9:16 -- Aaryn's image rehab begins as she gets a short segment apologizing to Helen and Candice about some things she said. They totally think it's fine and they cheers -- but the interesting thing is that the really offensive stuff she said is stuff she said in private. Will they be so forgiving when they can watch feed footage? I will grant you that crazy stuff can be said in a pressure-cooker situation like BB, but A) Aaryn was making comments not to their faces and B) that kind of stuff doesn't just fly out of your mouth at random if it's not the way you already talk or think.

-- Amanda saunters in and the girls are excited to see her, both because they're excited to see her out of the game and because on a very basic level, all these people love each other. How could you not after going through something like that? We totally get the Stockkholm Syndrome of it all.

9:20 -- Elissa arriving disappoints Helen and Candice, and Amanda is disappointed that McCrae trusted Andy over Elissa.

9:23 -- Judd arrives and everybody is pretty surprised to see him. He also campaigns pretty hard for GinaMarie to win, while Amanda and Candice say they are not voting for her. Judd thinks McCrae rode Amanda's coattails and we agree with him. He's not a floater, as Candice calls him, but he definitely just let Amanda play her game and kept his head down all summer. McCrae could've had a great summer, but after the way the season went, we are not rooting for him. GM and Andy have the two best cases to win, for us.

9:25 -- In what is no surprise, Amanda is campaiging hard for McCrae, but if he were in the finals, we think her vote is probably the only one he'd get, unless maybe he was sitting next to Spencer. Not only does it seem like McCrae did nothing, but the way they all feel about Amanda has rubbed off onto the way they feel about McCrae. That's what happens when you're having sex all summer.

9:27 -- PS: we've said this before, but it bears repeating -- where was the BB production this summer making a big thing out of the sex? Remember how scandalous it was when sex was happening between David/Amanda or Ollie/April? McCranda has, we think, had more sex in the house than any previous showmance.

-- It's POV time, with a puzzle where houseguests are the answers but they each have multiple facts for which they are the answer for, so you have to find the exact right combination of HGs to facts.

9:35 -- Andy wins POV and Spencer and GM cannot even at like good winners. Try not to rub it in too much, guys.

9:37 -- Spencer is making some arguments that GM needs to go because she'll get so many jury votes. He's not wrong. However, Spencer is really fighting a losing battle here. Nobody is going to vote for him to win the money. Nobody.

9:39 -- McCrae DRs that Andy's only chance to win the game is to bring McCrae to Final 2. We would beg to differ. We think Andy beats anybody left. Not everybody in jury loves GM and Andy has a strong argument for winning.

9:46 -- Andy chooses not to use the POV and GinaMarie evicts McCrae. Not a huge shock there.

-- McCrae says in hindsight, he should've trusted Elissa and he feels bad about that. For sure, dude. He also cops to putting his relationship with Amanda ahead of his game.

-- Julie hilariously says that McCrae seemed both in love with and afraid of Amanda this summer. Ha! Julie Chen FTW. He says he's not sure what'll happen with them outside the house.

9:55 -- The show does NOT start the first round of the final HOH! WHAT?! This is shenanigans.

9:59 -- Has this ever happened before, that the final HOH hasn't gotten started? I am seriously upset about that. Eff that, CBS.
Photo/Video credit: CBS