'Big Brother 15' Week 2 elimination live blog

big-brother-15-live-blog-week-2.jpgAre you ready for the next elimination on "Big Brother 15"? It's only Week 2, but we have a good feeling about the drama and fireworks that we'll see Thursday night.

This would be an excellent time to sign up for the live feeds , because after the live show is over, we expect some major drama in the house. But either way, it's time to find out who is going home between Elissa, Helen and Nick.

Join us here at 9 p.m. ET for a live blog of all the fun. All times Eastern.

9:00 -- We lament that we are not live-blogging "Sharknado," but hopefully the GinaMarienado will be just as good.

9:05 -- Julie is rocking the 1970s turquoise jumpsuit that we totally covet. We want it in pink and denim, please.

9:07 -- Jeremy is so smug about his place of power in the house. We suspect he is in for a rude awakening, and we just have to keep our fingers crossed he doesn't win HOH, right? 'Cause he is the worst.

9:09 -- Candice, Helen and Elissa go to work on a plan to get Nick out. Their suspicions about Spencer are not unfounded. He's a sneaky dude and fairly charismatic. But Andy is on board to get Nick out, so that they get him to help them round up votes.

9:10 -- Elissa works on Jessie, who desperately wants to be part of a group. She'd prefer to be accepted by the Heathers in the HOH room, but we think she'll take what she can get at this point.

mccrae-amanda-big-brother-15.jpg9:13 -- The Moving Company is very threatened by Amanda, and rightly so. She's smart and McCrae really likes her. They don't have a problem with Jeremy's girlfriend Kaitlin because she's dumb. Amanda? Not dumb.

9:15 -- McCrae is very torn between an alliance of dudes and a pretty girl with large breasts who fools around with him and makes him laugh ........ who do you think he'll pick?

9:20 -- Time for the awkward portion of the evening where Julie Chen asks them about showmances and everybody giggles uncomfortably.

-- Aaryn serves up a softball to Julie, saying that America has seen all facets of them (or something) and Julie awesomely pauses and goes, "Yes, we sure do." The Chenbot is like a stealthy Zingbot!

9:22 -- Now we get more of Aaryn making racist remarks at people and how much it bothers them, but it's hard to speak up. Especially because she's HOH this week. Yeah, that would be hard.

9:24 -- This is the night when Amanda tried to help Aaryn out with her racism and Aaryn's response was, "I don't care, lalala" and compares her racism to people calling her "Barbie."

9:27 -- Time for the eviction speeches. Elissa is a little bit rambling, pointing out that Nick is a bigger threat. Nick then gets his used-car salesman on, to the point where we can't believe he didn't bust out the finger guns. Helen is then just nice, because Helen is nice.

9:30 -- Vote time! Jeremy, Kaitlin, GinaMarie and Howard vote to evict Elissa, while Andy, Judd, Spencer, Jessie, McCrae, Amanda and Candice vote to evict Nick. So that's it, Nick is out 7-4.

nick-evicted-big-brother-15.jpg9:38 -- Time for the fireworks! Julie Chen tells the hamsters that Nick is out. GinaMarie starts crying and Nick looks pretty gobsmacked. Jeremy is in the background saying something macho, like he does.

9:39 -- GinaMarie cries like her dog was just shot. Lord, girl. Pull yourself together. Nick wasn't even your boyfriend! He wasn't interested in you.

9:41 -- Nick's on the nose with Spencer as the one who turned on him, and he's a little surprised by McCrae. During his goodbye messages, Jeremy macho-machos something in neanderthal.

9:48 -- Who do you want as next MVP? We think McCrae, Helen, Judd, Andy and Amanda have been playing been great games.

-- It's HOH time. The houseguests were awoken all night last night having to memorize stuff on the Big Brother luggage conveyor belt. Now they will answer questions about what they saw.

9:52 -- The questions are true/false. Question 1 knocks out Judd and Jeremy (YES!). Question 2 knocks out GinaMarie, Andy, Amanda, Spencer and Elissa.

9:54 -- Question 3 knocks out Candice. Question 4, 5 and 6 knock out no one, so it's time for the timebreaker question. The question is closest-without-going-over, total number of BB cola cans delivered. FOUR OF THEM GET IT RIGHT! McCrae is the only one out.

judd-helen-big-brother-15.jpg9:56 -- Tie-breaker question no. 2 is how many seconds did it take Jeremy to win the POV competition. The answer is 885 and Helen says 800, so Helen is HOH! Guess who's going to be a Have Not now, Aaryn!

9:58 -- Let's unpack this, guys. First of all, those hamsters were on POINT with their memorizing of the Big Brother XPress. It's insane that four of them got the tie-breaker question exactly right.

Secondly, Helen for MVP, y'all! She's been a gamer this week and she just won HOH in a great fashion. Or give it to somebody else. It really doesn't matter. Just ... anybody but Jeremy, Aaryn or GinaMarie, OK?

Also, the live feeds should be a lot of fun this week (especially tonight), so don't forget you can get a free two-day trial.
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