'Big Brother 15' Week 6 double eviction live blog - who is going home?

amanda-candice-big-brother-15.jpgIt's time for the always-exciting double-eviction episode of "Big Brother" -- who do you think will be going home this week? Be sure to sign up for the live feeds, because they whould be pretty fun after the double elimination.

We'll tell you that the temperature of the house seems to indicate Candice is a goner. Guess we'll know shortly. What the houseguests don't know (as of earlier today, anyway) is that Candice will become the first member of the jury, which means a nine-member jury instead of the usual seven.

The new Head of Household should be pretty interesting. Will he or she target the power couple of McCrae and Amanda. Amanda has been making few friends in the house these last two weeks when she's been on the block.

Join us here at 9 p.m. ET/PT for a live blog of all the excitement. All times Eastern.

8:58 -- We got caught up on last night's "Big Brother" episode, apologies for no post (we were traveling). But we just have to say, for those of you who don't know -- Amanda's shenanigans toward Candice during the POV were even worse, based on the live feed chatter after the comp. She has gone from hero to zero for us, blech.

9:00 -- The houseguests may not have any confirmation, but they are suspecting tonight's a live eviction. We can also tease for you that there is a twist coming up, but we can't tell you what it is!

9:05 -- Julie's not wrong that it's the biggest night of the summer (for BB fans). Double evictions are a lot of crazy fun.

-- Amanda: "I want us to be friends." Um, lie. Then: "I didn't have a part in putting you up." Lie.

9:08 -- Candice can't believe she's the target with Amanda and Spencer on the block with her. Frankly, neither can we. People are being insane in this house. Amanda is a HUGE threat. But we still have serious doubts that anybody but Candice goes home tonight.

9:10 -- Helen mistakenly trusts Andy, who is the most loyal to whomever he thinks has the most power. He left the storage room after this conversation and RAN to tell McCranda what was going on (though they don't show that). Helen, Elissa and Jessie almost pulled this off, but they couldn't get anybody to flip.

9:13 -- Julie reveals to the HGs that jury starts now, so everybody's excited because making it to jury means you get to keep making money from being on the show (they get stipends). But the "bad news" is that it's double-eviction night. NOT BAD NEWS FOR US, JULIE! She also teases that one of the jury members may return. Dun dun dun.

9:14 -- Candice's speech is directed at GinaMarie for targeting her, though honestly, Amanda was way meaner to Candice this week. And of course, GinaMarie can't just sit there, so it devolves into some completely bonkers behavior with Julie having to raise her voice at them -- "Enough from both of you!" Hee.

-- It's interesting that Spencer thanks Union Pacific for his speech, since they are trying as hard as they can to distance themselves from him after his gross comments in the house.

9:16 -- Aaryn votes to evict "Candice the clown." It's a miracle she didn't say "Shaniqua." Anyway, in a unanimous vote, Candice is out. Interestingly, Julie reminds us that she cannot give Candice news or feedback from the outside world because she's still a part of the game. Definitely covering her butt should people think she's being too nice to future evictees in her exit interviews.

-- GinaMarie tells Candice to "get to steppin,'" then Candice fires back, "Go back to your mom's house" and then GinaMarie makes a comment she's made before in the house (but not to Candice's face) when she says, "At least my mom likes me," which is in reference to Candice being adopted. Which is LOW.

9:20 -- Candice's exit interview is fairly innocuous.

9:26 -- It's HOH time. It's a more/less Q&A competition. Question 1 knocks out Elissa.

-- Question 2 knocks out Jessie and Andie. Question 3 knocks out no one. Question 4 knocks out everyone but Aaryn. WOW. That is so unfortunate.

9:31 -- Who's she going to put up? Jessie and Spencer? Jessie and Elissa?

9:33 -- There's another surprise. No more MVP, which -- no kidding. How would they possibly have done that during a live show? Anyway, Aaryn nominates Jessie and Spencer. She says it's a "unanimous decision," which is not technically right. We're pretty sure Jessie is not behind that move. Also, this is so boring, because Jessie will probably be going home if she doesn't win POV.

9:38 -- The POV players are Aaryn, Jessie, Spencer, Andy, Judd and Amanda. WOW. So, yeah, Jessie doesn't have a chance unless she wins. Elissa and maybe Helen were her only chances of someone else taking her off.

9:40 -- And then just like that, Aaryn wins POV. Wow. WORST DOUBLE-EVICTION EPISODE EVER. This is so boring. Jessie is going to leave unanimously.

9:42 -- Also, to all these houseguests: You used this week to get out Jessie and Candice. Way to go after the heavy-hitters, guys.

9:45 -- Whoa, what?! Aaryn takes Jessie off the block and puts Judd on! TWIST!

9:50 -- I take it all back because I appreciate anything that is unexpected. I like Judd, so this is a shame that he's probably leaving, but I definitely appreciate the gameplay.

9:53 -- It's interesting how upset everyone looks. Live votes Amanda evicts Judd (also, she's the one pulling the strings on this plan, in case you were wondering. She's convinced he was the MVP putting he up). McCrae votes Judd out as well. 

9:54 -- GinaMarie, Andy and Helen (mighty happily, she's also pulling the strings) vote to evict Judd. Then so do Elissa and Jessie. Wow, Jessie. I thought for sure she'd throw him a pity vote.

9:56 -- Why is everybody crying so hard?! If you didn't want him out, why did you VOTE HIM OUT?! And Helen, stop telling Aaryn that she's Janelle. STOP IT.

9:59 -- So, that was a whirlwind hour. Stay tuned here later tonight for a post whenever they hold the next Head of Household competition. We'll keep you posted.
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