Bill Cosby concert special 'Far From Finished' heading to Comedy Central


Bill Cosby is heading back to television. The beloved comedian will unveil his first concert special in 30 years in November on Comedy Central.

Called "Far From Finished," the special will are on Nov. 24. Comedy Central reveals in a press release that it will be compiled by director Robert Townsend from Cosby's recent performance at the Cerritos Performing Arts Center on June 9. Darryl M. Bell, Judi Marmel, Robert Hartmann and Stu Schreiberg are executive producing.

Cosby's last special was "Bill Cosby: Himself." It was released in 1983. The years have been kind on Cosby, and it will be interesting to see how this special differs from its predecessor considering how much Cosby's life has changed in the past three decades.

Photo/Video credit: Erinn Chalene Cosby