Billboard Music Awards 2013: The Band Perry does Goth marital fidelity

The-Band-Perry.jpgPunked out in black, surrounded by lights and dry-ice fog, with Kimberly Perry flaunting Stevie Nicks-esque fringe and big hair, The Band Perry took the stage at the MGM Grand during the 2013 Billboard Music Awards to blend country twang with a big propulsive beat to perform its hit single "Better Dig Two."

With rock attitude -- and banging on some big drums -- Mississippi-born siblings Kimberly, Reid and Neil Perry, plus a guest fiddler, swaggered through a song about a woman who made her husband wait until his wedding night for sex -- "That's the first and the last time I'll ever wear white" -- and swears she'll never be with anybody else.

It's not everyday in modern music that a hard-edged song celebrates crazy passionate marital love.

"I told you on the day we wed, I was gonna love you 'til I's dead."

Preach it ...
Photo/Video credit: Photo credit: The Band Perry