Billy Crystal, Helen Mirren's 'When Harry Met Sally' sequel: Grampires or Grombies?

Funny or Die has done it again. This time it's a mock pitch and trailer for a "When Harry Met Sally" sequel featuring Billy Crystal, Helen Mirren ... as vampires.

When Harry heads to a retirement community, he meets Sharon (Mirren) and sparks fly, along with Sharon's vampire fangs. Heh. She turns Harry and they go on a vampire spree. It's ... bloody. Helen Mirren sure is a good sport.

And did you catch Mike Tyson, Mike O'Malley, Maya Rudolph and others? Delightful. We aren't sure if we prefer the Grampires or Grombies, but we might give an edge to the Grombies - what do you think?  

Photo/Video credit: Funny or Die