Blake Lively: 'Gossip Girl' not my best acting

As "Gossip Girl" approaches its sixth and final season, show star Blake Lively has mixed feelings about ending her run on the Upper East Side drama. While it's obviously been a key reason for her professional success, the woman who plays Serena van der Woodsen believes that she's not really delivering her best acting on the show.

In an interview with Bullett, the 24-year-old says, "As an actor who plays a caricature of myself on the show, I don't think I'd say, 'Watch "Gossip Girl" for my best quality of work.'"

That said, Lively does recognize how important the CW series has been for her and her career.

"It'll be bittersweet when it's over," Lively says. "I think the best way to describe it is like someone who really enjoyed high school, and is like, 'I'm a senior and I can't wait for the next thing!' 'Gossip Girl was so great, but what's the next challenge in life?"

"Gossip Girl" just received word that it's been renewed for an abbreviated last run of 10 or 11 episodes. Perhaps, by the time it's done, fans will find out who is the mysterious rumormonger behind the computer.
Photo/Video credit: The CW