Bloodhound Gang: Russian flag stunt inspires criminal investigation

Bassist "Evil" Jared Hasselhoff and frontman Jimmy Pop of the U.S. rock band Bloodhound Gang are suspected by Russia's version of the FBI for "inciting hatred in an organized group" following an onstage stunt at a July concert in the Ukraine.

The Investigative Committee list the band members -- whose real names are Jared Hennegan and James Franks -- as suspects in a criminal case, according to the organization's official website. The Committee claims the band members plotted to humiliate "the human dignity of citizens of Russia."

According to the BBC, "Evil Jared" is purported to have shoved a Russian flag down his pants and Franks is alleged to have shouted "insulting expressions in English against Russia."

The group was banned from a Russian music festival after footage came to light of the alleged offenses. "Evil Jared" is also prohibited from visiting the Ukraine for five years after urinating on a Ukrainian flag.

Here is a video of the alleged crime taking place:

Photo/Video credit: Getty Images, YouTube