'Bones': Are Booth & Brennan really having the sex? Ain't so sure

Deschanel_boreanaz "Bones" fans were delighted earlier this year when it was revealed that -- after four years of the will-they-won't-they dance -- Booth and Brennan will hit the sheets in the season finale. The powers that be have been very clear that the Brennan/Booth sex isn't a dream sequence or a hallucination (as Booth is experiencing in tonight's ep). But as information has been leaking out about the final episodes of the season, you have to wonder if they might be planning some other kind of weird move. 

When we talked with
creator Hart Hanson back in May of '08, he mentioned that he was hoping to do an alternate reality episode... an episode where we would be seeing fan favorites return and also get a glimpse of Booth and Brennan leading a more couple-y life together. 

Well, the season finale, "The End in the Beginning" is being called  "an episode with a twist" and it finds "Bones"' dynamic duo as owners of a club called "The Lab." Um, pretty safe to say that ain't happening in Kansas, Toto. That's definitely not the world "Bones" viewers have come to know and love... not to mention that there will be a bunch of returning characters in the hour -- including Zack, Jared, and Max -- which has me further convinced that this could be the alternate reality episode Hart Hanson told us about.

So now, the million-dollar question is whether the Booth-Brennan sex happens before the weirdness starts or if it takes place in the alternate reality. I'm really starting to think it's the latter. 

Considering that spoilerphiles know Booth is having some major surgery this evening, one has to wonder if this much buzzed about hookup will actually end up being an anesthesia-induced, alternate reality copout.  

If that ends up being the case, will you cry? Or be cool with it?

-Reporting by Marisa Roffman