Box Office: 'Paranormal Activity' scares up $26 million

paranormal_activity_paramount.jpgThe latest installment in the " Paranormal Activity" series got off to a killer start securing $25.6 million on Friday (Oct. 21) according to The Wrap. This puts the weekend box office estimates around $50 million. Not bad for a movie that only cost $5 million.

A great review of this film comes from ABC News which writes, "If you're willing to overlook the characters' lack of common sense...'Paranormal Activity 3' may very well be the scariest entry of the franchise." Why is it that characters in horror movies never have any common sense? Well, that's a conversation for another time.

As for the rest of the early numbers, " Footloose" managed to hold down second place with $3.6 million and robot boxing flick " Real Steel" came in third with $3 million.

In the new release category, " Three Musketeers 3D" brought in a disappointing $2.9 million and the unwanted " Johnny English Reborn" came in a distant eight with $1.1 million.

Photo/Video credit: Paramount