Brandon Seifert talks 'Witch Doctor' and 'Spirit of the Law'

Brandon Seifert is a writer who takes comic books to an interesting and very different place, as one of the more notable names in the horror genre of the medium.

His best-known work is "Witch Doctor" published by Skybound Entertainment, which likely isn't anything like what the name brings to mind. He sat down with Zap2it at Comic-Con 2013 to talk about that comic, as well as another he's working on called "Spirit of the Law."

"Witch Doctor" is a unique idea, crossing the medical drama standard with a healthy dose of monsters. "Sort of if Dr. House fought supernatural diseases like vampirism, demonic possession, stuff like that," Seifert says.

He's not kidding when he references "House," as even Seifert admits the main character, Dr. Vincent Morrow is a "brilliant jerk doctor." He "approaches the supernatural from a medical/scientific perspective and trying to figure out what's the causative agent of vampirism, what's a more scientific way to get rid of demonic possession than speaking Latin and throwing holy water," he explains. Why settle for old world cures when science has evolved so far?

It's not just the doctor's strategies that are explored from a scientific perspective, but the very creatures he's dealing with. "All the monsters are crossed with actual stuff from biology and medicine," Seifert says, "So you vampires have an anti-coagulant, a vasodilater and an anesthetic in their saliva, because that's what blood-feeding animals have."

Looking at these things through the skew of medicine, rather than the supernatural, is definitely an new direction to go with a comic, but it's gained quite a fan following. "It's funny to me," Seifert says, "because people love it, but it's a really strange book."

The latest miniseries for the character wrapped up in April, but Seifert is not short on ideas for the future. He keeps a running list of ideas and when tallying then up a couple of years ago, he says, "If we only did my my favorite story ideas, and if we only did each as one issue, we have three years worth of material for an ongoing comic series." So "Witch Doctor" will be sticking around for a while.

His other big creation at the moment is "Spirit of the Law." the noir/pulp mashup is released digitally through Monkey Brain Comics and is vastly different from "Witch Doctor." "It's like a superhero origin," Seifert explains, "but told from the villain's standpoint."

In the story, a group of mob hitmen murder a woman in the 1930s. Business as usual for the mafia, until the woman comes back from the dead to exact her revenge, picking them off one by one. "What's fun about it," Seifert notes, "I wanted people to root for these hitmen even though this woman has every reason in the world to come back and kill them."

In addition to those, Seifer is co-writing an ongoing "Hellraiser" comic with series creator Clive Barker and has penned a couple issues of IDW's "Doctor Who."
Photo/Video credit: Skybound