Bravo orders 'The People's Couch,' a limited series that watches people watch TV

bravo-the-peoples-couch-series.jpgWhy watch TV when you can just watch other people watch TV?

Bravo's hoping that audiences will share that sentiment and tune into their just-ordered limited series "The People's Couch." Deadline reports that the cable net has given the green light to the half-hour unscripted series, set to air Sundays at 11:30 p.m. on Oct. 6, 13 and 20.

Based on UK show "Gogglebox," "The People's Couch" will feature real people watching and commenting on popular shows and news from the past week. The series will focus on the fall television season, showcasing avid TV watchers in their homes, as they laugh, cry, talk gasp and scream at their TVs watching the network's new and returning shows.

"'The People's Couch' is a funny, unfiltered comment on America's current TV viewing habits," Bravo's VP of development Lara Spotts says.

Check out a trailer for the UK's "Gogglebox" below to get an idea of what we're in for Stateside this October.

Do you plan to tune in to "The People's Couch"?
Photo/Video credit: Bravo