'Breaking Bad' rejected storylines: Walt in South America, Badger the marksman

breaking-bad-rejected-plots.jpgJust about every TV show has a list of story ideas that don't end up on screen. It's rare, though, that one of those ideas involves a recurring character shooting a flaming arrow from a crossbow.

That, however, is one of the things that never made it out of the writers' room on "Breaking Bad." As part of its cover story on the show, EW asked co-executive producer Peter Gould and writer/story editor Gennifer Hutchison to reveal some stories the show ultimately rejected. You can read the full list of 12 at EW.com, but here are a handful that stood out.

Badger and his crossbow: After the police impound Jesse's ( Aaron Paul) car -- which contains evidence tying him to drug dealer Tuco -- he asks Badger ( Matt Jones), who owns and is proficient with a crossbow, for help. Jesse and Walt ( Bryan Cranston) make a flaming arrow that Badger shoots at Jesse's car, thus destroying the evidence. A similar idea plays out in Season 5, with Walt, Jesse and Mike ( Jonathan Banks) using a huge magnet to destroy evidence in the Albuquerque PD evidence room. "I like the magnet better," Gould tells the magazine. "It's more scientific."

Walt goes south: As part of a plan to maneuver around Gus ( Giancarlo Esposito), Walt goes to South America to meet with a drug lord who runs his business from prison. Gould says the writers "loved the image" of Walt in that setting but decided against pursuing the story.

Skyler and Marie's dad: A potential first-season story had Skyler ( Anna Gunn) and Marie ( Betsy Brandt) going to visit their father, whom Gould describes as "this lying, bastard, artist dude" -- they had Kris Kristofferson in mind for the part. The idea was to give viewers a better sense of who Skyler and Marie were, but Hutchison says "it just wasn't the show. It didn't fit with the tone."

Would you have liked to see these or any of the other rejected plots on "Breaking Bad"?
Photo/Video credit: AMC