'Breaking Bad' series finale: Laura Fraser says show 'changed my career'

laura-fraser-breaking-bad-amc-325.jpgZap2it : Have more opportunities presented themselves since being on "Breaking Bad"?

Laura Fraser: They have. It certainly changed my career a little bit. It is easier in some ways. I have had more offers. I used to have to audition for everything. I still audition for lots of things. I get offers, which is really nice after 20 years.

Zap2it : What would be your ideal role?

Laura Fraser: Anything that Jodie Foster would be interested in playing. In Shakespeare, there are characters I would like to play. I still have a fear of theater. I don't know if I will manage that. I used to do it. I developed a bit of a phobia. It's not a real phobia. I can go in and watch.

Zap2it : When did you know you definitely wanted to be an actor?

Laura Fraser: I was about 3 or 4, very early on. There were tons of children, and we would play together and put on shows and invite all of the parents. I used to always play the animals because I was the youngest. I would always be a dog.

Zap2it: What are you working on?

Laura Fraser: I am not working, just slacking here in Scotland. I have so many friends and family here who I haven't seen for a long time and I am seeing a lot of them. I'm going to back and forth to Ireland. My husband [ Karl Geary] is filming a Ken Loach movie in Ireland, across the Irish Sea.

Photo/Video credit: AMC