'Breaking Bad' spinoff? AMC reportedly considering a Saul Goodman show

bob-odenkirk-breaking-bad-spinoff.jpg"Breaking Bad" is ending this summer, but according to one report there has been discussion of extending the AMC show's world with a spinoff.

According to Deadline, "Breaking Bad" producer Sony TV and AMC have talked about the idea of a series focused on Saul Goodman ( Bob Odenkirk), Walter White's ( Bryan Cranston) sleazeball attorney. The would-be spinoff would likely be a comedy, in keeping both with the character's role on "Breaking Bad" and Odenkirk's background in sketch comedy.

The project is in its "nascent stages," Deadline reports, meaning it could be anywhere from "Hey, we should do a Saul spinoff" to serious discussions about whether it should happen. "Breaking Bad" creator Vince Gilligan has in the past expressed some interest in a Saul show, but nothing came of it before now.

Gilligan, who is working on the Saul idea with "Breaking Bad" writer-producer Peter Gould, has some experience spinning off a series -- although it wasn't necessarily a great one. Gilligan created "The X-Files" spinoff "The Lone Gunmen," which lasted only 13 episodes in 2001.

"Breaking Bad's" final eight episodes are scheduled to air in the summer.

What do you think of the idea of a Saul spinoff? Would you watch it?
Photo/Video credit: AMC